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WP:NFF states that a film should generally not have an independent article until actual filming had commenced. However, and per policy, in certain circumstances where the length and depth of enduring coverage of a future project exceeds the requirements for presumption of notability as set by the general notability guide, and even before actual commencement of filming, has allowed in some cases a guideline encouraged consideration of a common sense exception: the creation of articles on well-documented "film project". Such articles are not treated in the same manner as a "film" article. This consideration of the policy allowance toward well documented "future" events has caused some debate on which upcoming films might qualify as acceptable topics.

This essay is intended to assist editors in determining when it might be acceptable to create a "film project" article, and how to create one.


This debate of whether this can be done started with the film article The Avengers film project when it was originally called The Avengers (2012 film). The film was taken to AFD with the result of no consensus. Another known AFD came to be when X-Men: First Class (film) was originally called X-Men: First Class (film project) but was overturned when the film ironically began filming before it was over. See #Notes for both of those AFD's.

When it can and can not be acceptable[edit]

The most important thing to ask yourself is: does this particular topic meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines? That even if the supposed future film is revealed to never happen, it could probably still stand out as an article on its own per all the coverage and hype it's gone through to prove notability. That can help being beneficial to knowing that the article meets requirements of a film project article on its own. The only way to know that is by checking its verifiability such as significant coverage that meets WP:GNG. If so then it could be acceptable as long as it is widely sourced by those significant coverage per WP:Crystalball. It must have over ten external sources to prove verifiability and preferably somewhere around 5 or more different sites that it's covered on. The article cannot be a stub and should automatically be stated as Start Class. As for when it can be acceptable the film should mainly be in pre-production. If the information of the certain film is on a certain page and there is excessive amount of sourced information on that particular film, it may be acceptable to divide it as a "film project" article on its own per WP:SPLIT. Although it's better to discuss it on the discussion page and ask for a consensus on it first.

Manual of Style for a "film project" article[edit]

Film articles have their own manual of style. As do the film project articles as well. The golden rule of creating a film project is to never treat it like a film but as an article whose topic is a film that is in negotiations.

  • If the article title is ambiguous, what is required is to disambiguate the title, as the movie title but with "(film project)" added. If there are no other words that can refer to the title that can appear in disambiguation pages etc., then the movie title may stay as is. If placing "film project" on the title make sure you place italics on the planned movie title to separate "film project" from the title itself.
  • Key words for a film's project article are future tense words such as "planned", "intended", or "proposed"... and such must used in the article's lede section to clarify that the article is not about a "made" film. Never treat an article on an unmade film as if the topic was of an actual film. For example, if you include a cast section it should say "planned cast".
  • Since we do not treat the article in the same manner as a film article, there can be no use of a film infobox until principal filming has been confirmed in reliable sources.
  • When deciding to create a "film project" article, do not automatically create the title, instead move the filming title name of the article to the "film project" title name per WP:MOVE. That way you it can be moved it back to the filming title name when ready.

Don't open a can of worms[edit]

This humorous phrase simply means don't get overboard with it. Sure some film project articles can live up to Wikipedia standards but that doesn't mean every film is deserving of their "film project" article and can live up to Wikipedia guidelines. So be bold and cautious when making one or otherwise it can possibly either be merged or deleted.

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