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Challenge: 100 years of Finland
1-30 November 2017

Welcome to the Wikipedia writing contest on Finnish culture!

  • What: On 6 December 2017, Finland will celebrate her 100th anniversary. This was a public editing competition on Finland. The goal was to improve and translate this list of topics related to Finland into as many languages as possible.
  • When: The writing challenge run from 00:01 1 November 2017 until 23:59 30 November 2017 (EET UTC+02:00). Note this covers November in Finland, and was not adapted for participants in other timezones.
  • How: The contest was based on an advanced point system: You get points while improving articles, with the goal for each participant to gain as many points as possible. Points are counted automatically by our bot, running every few hours. Readable prose gives more points than infoboxes, inline citations give extra points. Several people can work on the same article, and will be awarded points for their individual contributions. The same user can get points from edits in several wikis. Details of scoring are on the participants page in the fi-wikipedia.
  • Who: Any Wikipedian with a named account on the named wikis could participate. The 79 registered participants can be seen in Participants section.
  • Why: The contest is organized and led by Wikimedia Finland. This is our way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of independence.
  • Credits: This challenge is organized by Wikimedia Finland. This is an open challenge. If your organisation or institution also wants to collaborate with this contest, please contact us (e.g. by leaving a note on the help desk page).
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