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Former featured lists


This page lists articles that used to be featured lists but were demoted because they no longer met the featured list criteria. Featured lists can only be demoted through a consensus derived through a discussion at the featured list removal candidates page. The removal discussions for the former featured lists listed below can be found in the featured list removal candidates archive. Of course, the lists listed here do not have to stay here: be bold in updating and improving these pages and help bring them back to featured list status.

Of the 365 lists that have lost featured status, 27 were later re-promoted and 8 were merged into other lists that were later promoted; 2 lists have been demoted, re-promoted and re-demoted a second time. Many lists have been deleted or merged into other articles. For the latest featured list removals, see this month's removal log.

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Art and architecture

Longest suspension bridge spans · Public art in the City of Westminster · Tallest buildings in Austin · Tallest buildings in Baltimore · Tallest buildings in Bucharest · Tallest buildings in Charlotte, North Carolina · Tallest buildings in Dallas · Tallest buildings in Dubai · Tallest buildings and structures in Greater Manchester · Tallest buildings and structures in the Paris region · Tallest buildings in Singapore · Tallest buildings in Toronto · Tallest buildings in Tulsa, Oklahoma · Tallest buildings in Vancouver · Tallest buildings in Washington, D.C. (15 lists)

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Awards, decorations and vexillology

Flag flying days in Mexico · Nobel laureates affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania · Orders, decorations, and medals of the Canadian provinces (3 lists)

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Anuran families · Birds of Belize · Birds of California · Birds of Canada and the United States · Birds of Cuba · Birds of Oklahoma · Birds of Puerto Rico · Birds of Vieques · Mammals of Canada (9 lists)

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Business, economics and finance

Euro gold and silver commemorative coins (Belgium) · Forbes list of billionaires (2007) · Mergers and acquisitions by Condé Nast · Mergers and acquisitions by Dell · Mergers and acquisitions by Expedia · Mergers and acquisitions by Red Hat · Wealthiest charitable foundations (7 lists)

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Chemistry and mineralogy

Elements by name · Elements by stability of isotopes · Periodic table (detailed cells) · Symbol (chemistry) (4 lists)

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Timeline of Macintosh models (1 list)

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Culture and society

Chinese inventions · Cultural depictions of Joan of Arc · Cultural references in The Cantos · Premature obituaries · Sex position (5 lists)

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Dartmouth College faculty · De La Salle University people · Schools in Cardenal Caro · Schools in the Marlborough Region · Schools in the Northland Region · Senior Wrangler (University of Cambridge) · United States graduate business school rankings · Universities in Atlantic Canada · Universities in British Columbia · Universities in Canada · Universities in the Canadian Prairies · Universities in Ontario · Universities in Nova Scotia · Universities in Quebec (14 lists)

Engineering and technology

Nuclear power by country (1 list)

Geography and places

Canadian provinces and territories by area · Canadian provinces and territories by population · Districts of India · Extreme points of Bulgaria · Extreme points of Sweden · Former municipalities of Norway · Municipalities in Tennessee · Municipalities of Portugal · Ohio county name etymologies · Parishes in Louisiana · Provinces of the Philippines · Provinces of Thailand · State and union territory capitals in India · Towns in Alberta · U.S. states and territories by population · U.S. states by date of statehood (16 lists)

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Regicides of Charles I (1 list)

US Department of Justice Scales Of Justice.svg

FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives · U.S. state constitutional amendments banning same-sex unions by type · Stewards of the Manor of Northstead (3 lists)

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Literature and theatre

Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year · Narnian timeline · Oz books · Works by William Monahan (deleted) (4 lists)

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Lists of mathematics topics · Winners of the Mathcounts competition (2 lists)


30 Rock episodes · Ah! My Goddess (season 1) · Woody Allen filmography · Awake episodes · American Idol finalists · Awards and nominations received by Dexter (TV series) · BAFTA Award for Best Film · The Batman episodes · Bleach manga volumes · Carnivàle episodes · Claymore chapters · Desperate Housewives episodes · Clint Eastwood filmography · FLCL episodes · Films that received the Golden Film · Fullmetal Alchemist episodes · Golden Globe Award for Best Director · Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama · List of Highlander: The Raven episodes · Last Exile episodes · Spike Lee filmography · Lupin III Part II episodes · The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya episodes · RahXephon media · Peep Show episodes · Planetes episodes · Ronald Reagan filmography · Arnold Schwarzenegger filmography · The Sopranos episodes · South Park episodes · Stargate SG-1 episodes · Vittorio Storaro filmography · Teen Titans episodes · Timeline of Australian television · Unmade Doctor Who serials and films · Christopher Walken filmography · X-Men episodes · Yozakura Quartet episodes · YuYu Hakusho episodes · YuYu Hakusho episodes (season 1) · YuYu Hakusho episodes (season 2) · YuYu Hakusho episodes (season 3) · YuYu Hakusho episodes (season 4) (43 lists)

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Baja California Peninsula hurricanes · Florida hurricanes (2000–present) · Storms in the 2003 Atlantic hurricane season · Storms in the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season · Storms in the 2006 Pacific hurricane season (4 lists)

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Military and military history

Battles of the Mexican–American War · Last World War I veterans by country · Ohio-class submarines · United States Navy ratings · Victoria Cross recipients by nationality (5 lists)

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Awards and nominations received by artists[edit]

50 Cent · Akon · Barenaked Ladies · Natasha Bedingfield · Blink-182 · Bloc Party · Coolio · Good Charlotte · Green Day · Justice · Alicia Keys · Korn · Linkin Park · Matchbox Twenty · Megadeth · Alanis Morissette · Ne-Yo · The Neptunes · Nine Inch Nails · Nirvana · No Doubt · The Notorious B.I.G. · Radiohead · Rage Against the Machine · Sam Roberts · Soundgarden · Gwen Stefani · The Strokes · U2 · Kanye West · Wolfmother (31 lists)

Band members[edit]

Dream Theater · Metallica · Nine Inch Nails · Slipknot · WarCry (5 lists)


Hot 100 number-one singles of 2005 (U.S.) (1 list)

Concert tours[edit]

Kylie Minogue (1 list)

Artist discographies[edit]

50 Cent discography (re-promoted, then re-demoted) · Aesop Rock · Natasha Bedingfield · James Blunt · Chris Brown · Death Cub for Cutie · Diamond Rio · Eminem · Foo Fighters · Girls Aloud · Lightning Bolt · Load Records · The Make-Up · The Nation of Ulysses · Pink · The Prodigy · Uncle Tupelo · Carrie Underwood · Wilco · Willowtip Records (19 lists)

Artist videographies[edit]

Michael Jackson videography (1 list)


Calypso-like genres · Dischord Records discography · Important operas · Major opera composers · Sendai International Music Competition winners · Telecaster players · Unreleased Britney Spears songs (7 lists)

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Philosophy and religion

Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II · Extant papal tombs · Popes · Popes (graphical) · Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (4 lists)

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Physics and astronomy

Particles · Spacewalks and moonwalks (1965–1999) · Timeline of discovery of Solar System planets and their moons · Timeline of first orbital launches by country (4 lists)

Politics and government

109th United States Congress · Autonomous areas by country · British Columbia general elections · Canadian federal general elections · Countries by Human Development Index · Countries where United Nations peacekeepers are currently deployed · Current United States House of Representatives committees · Current United States Senate committees · Delegates to the Millennium Summit · European Union member states by accession · Heads of government of the Central African Republic · Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States · Manitoba general elections · Micronations · New Brunswick general elections (post-confederation) · Newfoundland and Labrador general elections · Northwest Territories general elections · Nova Scotia general elections (post-confederation) · Ontario general elections · Premiers of Saskatchewan · Presidents of the Philippines · Presidents of Portugal · Presidents of the United States · Presidents of Venezuela · Prime Ministers of Canada by time in office · Prince Edward Island general elections (post-confederation) · Quebec general elections · Recognised political parties in India · Saskatchewan general elections · Signers of the United States Constitution · Sovereign states · States with limited recognition · States with nuclear weapons · Timeline of Canadian elections · United Nations peacekeeping missions · Yukon general elections (33 lists)

Royalty, nobility and heraldry

Italian orders of chivalry · Portuguese monarchs (2 lists)

Sports and recreation

2002 NFL Draft · 2003 NFL Draft · 2004 NFL Draft · 2005 NFL Draft · 2005 NCAA Division I-A football rankings · 2006 NCAA Division I FBS football rankings · 2006 NFL Draft · 2010 Asian Para Games medal table · AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship · Australian national cricket captains · Australia ODI cricketers · Bangladesh national cricket captains · Current champions in WWE · Current world boxing champions · CZW World Heavyweight Championship · Delhi Daredevils cricketers · English national cricket captains · Family relations in the NHL · FC Barcelona in European football · First-class cricket quadruple centuries · Glossary of cricket terms · Ice hockey teams in Saskatchewan · India national cricket captains (re-promoted, then re-demoted) · India ODI cricketers · Iowa Hawkeyes football seasons · IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship · IWGP Tag Team Championship · Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterbacks · Mark of the Year · Michigan Wolverines football passing leaders · Michigan Wolverines football receiving leaders · Michigan Wolverines football rushing leaders · New Zealand national cricket captains · One Day International cricket records · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (A) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (B) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (C) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (D) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (E–F) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (G) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (H) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (I–J) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (K) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (L) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (M) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (N–O) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (P–Q) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (R) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (S) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (T–V) · Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (W–Z) · Poker hands · Rajasthan Royals cricketers · Royal Rumble · Sri Lanka national cricket captains · Super Rugby champions · Sweden international footballers · Swedish football champions · Test cricket grounds by date · Top-division football clubs in CONMEBOL countries · Top-division football clubs in UEFA countries · UFC champions · Vancouver Canucks captains · Vancouver Whitecaps FC players · Walter A. Brown Trophy · Zimbabwe national cricket captains (68 lists)

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Numbered highways in Amenia (CDP), New York (deleted) · Interstate and U.S. highways in Maryland · Washington Metro stations (3 lists)

Video gaming

Accolades received by Grand Theft Auto V · Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow characters · Digimon video games · Metal Gear Solid characters · One Piece video games · Songs in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s · Virtual Boy games · Voice actors in the Grand Theft Auto series (8 lists)

Former featured lists that have been re-promoted[edit]

1888–89 New Zealand Native football team matches · Amateur Achievement Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific · Ashes series · Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes · Awards and nominations received by Adele · Awards and nominations received by Fiona Apple · Awards and nominations received by Katy Perry · Awards and nominations received by Scissor Sisters · Central Coast Mariners FC players · English Twenty20 International cricketers · Final Fantasy media · Formula One fatal accidents · Governors of Arkansas · Governors of Delaware · Hong Kong ODI cricketers · International Space Station spacewalks · Jessica Mauboy discography · Members of the Commonwealth of Nations by continent, Members of the Commonwealth of Nations by date joined and Members of the Commonwealth of Nations by name were merged into Member states of the Commonwealth of Nations · IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship · IWGP Tag Team Championship · Naruto episodes (seasons 1–2) and Naruto episodes (seasons 3–4) were merged into Naruto episodes · New England Patriots seasons · NFL champions (1920–69) · Number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums of 1993, 1994 and 1995, Number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums of 1996, 1997 and 1998 and Number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums of 1999 were merged into Number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums from the 1990s · Oh My Goddess! episodes · Sega 32X games · Space Shuttle missions · Gwen Stefani discography · Super Bowl champions · Winners of the Boston Marathon · Wisden Cricketers of the Year (35 lists)