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This is a list of text-searchable, free (no-pay, non-subscription/-membership/-login) online English newspaper sources that are not found through Google News. As a rule, entries on this list access hundreds of thousands or millions of newspaper pages; they are intended to provide a significant resource to aid in article building. Websites that provide free material but only of a restricted time period, thus cutting off the bulk of a much larger database, such as The New York Times, are not included.


  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle – Digitization of the historic Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper, from October 26, 1841 to December 31, 1902; approximately 147,000 pages.
  • Chronicling America – Digitization project of the U.S. Library of Congress; a smorgasbord of American newspapers published between 1836 and 1922; approximately 5,200,000 pages.
  • Old Fulton NY Post Cards – A private digitization project; contains over 21,000,000 old New York State historical newspaper pages.
  • Papers Past – Digitization project of the National Library of New Zealand; over 2,000,000 New Zealand newspaper pages.
  • Trove – Digitization project of the National Library of Australia; over 5,000,000 Australian newspaper pages.
  • Elephind – text searchable free database of approximately 2,700 newspapers.
  • The European Library – text searchable free database of approximately 3.3 million European newspaper pages; a project funded under the European Commission’s CIP 2007 – 2013 programme.

Accessing Google News Archive[edit]

Google News Archive has been broken since 2013.

This has crippled a major resource Wikipedia editors relied on. No information is available on when or whether it will be fixed and the instructions below have been struck but retained, abiding its return. A workaround is possible, described below, but it is vastly less powerful than the former direct interface: it has far less content than formerly, and there is no way to target a search between dates. Note that the instructions at this Google support page to target dates will not work unless you do a general web search (without the delimiter in your search described below), which will include the newspaper results between specific dates, but also everything else.


Go to a regular Google (web) search interface and place in the text, together with your search terms,

Please be aware that Google News is often overlooked for the significant resource it is because the main Google news page's search defaults to only showing results for the past 30 days. This is the time restricted search one reaches when you are at Google's main page and click on the link for "News" under the "More" dropdown menu.

This is a direct link to the archives (which searches a few hundred years) (not working outside the US). To reach the archive from the default 30-day search, you must:

  1. First perform your search;
  2. Then click on "advanced search" at the bottom of the page";
  3. Then, in the box that appears under "Date added to Google News:", select "in archive".

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