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This is a list of text-searchable, free (no-pay, non-subscription/-membership/-login) online English newspaper sources. As a rule, entries on this list access thousands or millions of newspaper pages; they are intended to provide a significant resource to aid in article building. Websites that provide only limited free material, thus cutting off the bulk of a much larger database, such as The New York Times, are not included.


Accessing Google News Archive[edit]

Google News Archive has been broken since 2013.

This has crippled a major resource Wikipedia editors relied on. It is possible instead to go to a regular Google (web) search interface and place in the text, together with your search terms,, but this is vastly less powerful than the former direct interface: it has far less content than formerly, and there is no way to target a search between dates. Note that the instructions at this Google support page to target dates will not work unless you do a general web search (without the delimiter in your search described above), which will include the newspaper results between specific dates, but also everything else.

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