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There are a number of free sound effects resources of public domain or free content sound recordings appropriate for Wikipedia use available online, and as well as in other contexts.

All files should be converted to ogg, Wikipedia's patent-free format of choice.

Archival recordings[edit]

  • American Folklife Center – a very diverse collection of folk music and other ethnographic/documentary materials by the U.S. government. As U.S. government works, these are all available under the public domain.
  • Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project - an academic project preserving commercial recordings from the age of the phonograph cylinder. Both mp3 files and wav files are provided for all titles; the mp3 files are placed under a non-commercial license, so only conversions of the wav files are appropriate for Wikipedia use.

Recent recordings[edit]

Recent recordings
Page name/link Music Sounds Description License
Free To Use Sounds Yes Yes Sound effects library with hiqh quality field recordings from all around the world. CC0, CC BY
Fulda Symphonic Orchestra Yes No Choral music CC BY-SA Yes No CC BY
Jamendo Yes No Lots of unfree, need to use correct filter (as in link) CC BY, CC BY-SA, FAL
Quick Sounds Library Yes Yes Free sound effects library for sound producers, video editors, app and game developers. CC0, CC BY
morceaux choisis Yes No Classical music GFDL
Opsound Yes No CC BY-SA
SoundBible No Yes wav & mp3 versions of each sound CC BY, PD
Freesound No Yes User contributed sound recordings released under Creative Commons licenses. From field-recordings to sound fx, drum loops and musical instrument samples. CC0, CC BY, CC BY-NC
Zapsplat Yes Yes Sound effects library offering free mp3 sound files from contributors. CC0, CC BY
Videvo Sound Effects Yes Yes Royalty Free Sound Effects with a large selection of free sound effects. Royalty Free
Videvo Music Yes Yes Royalty Free Music library with a large selection of free music tracks. Royalty Free
Gamesound XYZ Yes Yes Royalty Free Music library with a large selection of free music tracks. Royalty Free


Wikipedians can also be an important source for free content music. Please see Wikipedia:Requested recordings.