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People frequently ask about Category:Wikipedia administrators open to recall in discussions on Wikipedia:Requests for Adminship. Some feel that it's a red herring, since, once sysoped, little short of Arbitration committee ruling or Walesian intervention can an editor's adminiship away. Sometimes people will go so far as to say, "I would support this candidate if only recall were binding." It is doubtless that many people have thought before that they would be more willing to give some candidates access to administrative tools if only there were an easier way to take them away if they use them poorly. This proposed policy intends to put teeth behind the idea of administrator recall, by outlining a process for recall that future administrators can promise to follow if they so choose.

This is not intended to apply to all administrators. Only those administrators who specifically commit to make themselves recallable though this process are subject to it; however, this commitment can not be revoked. Future administrators who agree to stand for adminship under these terms and current administrators who choose to enter this system voluntarily will forever be bound by the recall policy unless they stand again for RfA without any recall restrictions.

Bureaucrats would be charged with determining community consensus to demote. If a bureaucrat finds that consensus to demote exists, they will post a request for the editor to be desysoped on meta permissions.

Details of the recall process are important and likely subject to much debate. Here are some starting points:

  1. Requests for recall must be sponsored by 5 registered users (petitioners)
    • At least one of the petitioners must be an administrator/sysop.
  2. Recall petitions shall be held on Wikipedia:Requests for adminship
    • Petitions shall be opened for a minimum 1 week
    • Petitions shall be displayed under a new section called "Current nominations for recall", as RfAs are displayed under "Current nominations for adminship" and RfBs are displayed under "Current nominations for bureaucratship"
  3. ...