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Purposes of Gallery articles[edit]

Gallery articles have two main purposes:

Visual organization[edit]

The gallery provides a visually improved means of browsing related articles that would be difficult to browse as an unillustrated list or category.


The gallery helps to organize related articles in a straightforward way. It helps readers to more quickly find what they need. Instead of having to read through a block of text, the reader can identify the subject of his interest via a visual representation of the subject. This is especially beneficial, if the readers main interest lies in the article he or she is looking for and not an navigational list itself.

Structure of a gallery article[edit]


The introduction of a gallery article should typically be one or two sentences long, stating what the gallery depicts and briefly explaining into what subsections (if any) the gallery article is divided into.


The images should be arranged using gallery tags or a template such as {{Multiple image}}. The following are examples:

Example 1: Gallery tags[edit]

<gallery> Image:Example.jpg|First image Image:Example.jpg|Second image Image:Example.jpg|Third image Image:Example.jpg|Fourth image Image:Example.jpg|Fifth image Image:Example.jpg|Sixth image Image:Example.jpg|Seventh image Image:Example.jpg|Eighth image Image:Example.jpg|Ninth image Image:Example.jpg|Tenth image </gallery>

which produces

Example 2: Multiple image template[edit]

{{multiple image | width = 100 | footer = <center>This is an example of multiple images organized using the template.</center> | align = left | image1 = Example.jpg | alt1 = | caption1 = First image. | image2 = Example.jpg | alt2 = | caption2 = Second image. | image3 = Example.jpg | alt3 = | caption3 = Third image. | image4 = Example.jpg | alt4 = | caption4 = Fourth image. | image5 = Example.jpg | alt5 = | caption5 = Fifth image. }}

which produces

First image.
Second image.
Third image.
Fourth image.
Fifth image.
This is an example of multiple images organized using the template.

Important notes[edit]

In order to comply with WP:NOTGALLERY#4., a gallery article must contain accompanying text, such as an introduction and a clearly defined scope.

List of gallery articles[edit]

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