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WikiProject Georgia Tech


Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to the Georgia Institute of Technology. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians.

If you would like to help, please add your name to the List of Participants below, and see what you can do. We'll be happy to have your help!


Announcements Announcements


Task forces Task forces

Georgia Tech Athletics task force

Dedicated to improving articles related to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

GTRI task force

Dedicated to improving articles related to the Georgia Tech Research Institute


Participants Participants

Active participants:

Inactive participants:


Project goals Our goals

This project was established with several purposes in mind.

  1. Improve the quality of all Georgia Tech-related articles, with a specific goal of GA or FA; specifically:
    1. Get Georgia Institute of Technology to Featured Article status.
    2. Maintain List of Georgia Institute of Technology alumni at Featured list status.
    3. Focus on specific "core topics" through the article list.
    4. See "Assessment" for specific quality measurements and resources.
  2. Improve Georgia Tech's exposure by incorporating appropriate text and references in non-project articles
    1. Given Wikipedia's use as a general resource, the more exposure that Tech gets, the more our work is appreciated.
    2. Write up specific (notable) research projects, departments, and professors, and then link to them from other parts of the encyclopedia
    3. Use these contributions to build up other parts of the project; an article on a GT Research project can be used to improve Georgia Institute of Technology#Research.
    4. An article on a dorm can be used to help create Georgia Institute of Technology#Housing or, if so desired, an entire article on the subject.
    5. Write articles for notable alumni; Add notable alumni (whether or not they have an article) to the alumni list.
  3. Recruit people, especially students, faculty, and alumni, to achieve the afformentioned goals.
    1. Encourage a community of editors to act upon the guidelines set forth by the project
    2. Recruit contributions from the general Tech population, so that a handful of people aren't doing everything
    3. Once a significant goal has been accomplished, organize a Wikimeet!


Articles Things to do

Project things to do:


Assessment Assessment

Article statistics

Current Featured Article candidates

Current Featured List candidates

  • (none)

Future Featured Article candidates

These articles have already been through the GAN process.

Did you know? articles

click on the ? to see the nomination


Image Requests Image Requests

See also: GT-related CC images on Flickr

Higher priority

Needed to properly illustrate articles; most of these articles don't already have images

Obscure or Dead People

Hard-to-find people

Logos or concepts

Stuff you can't just hop outside and take a picture of


Orphan Images Orphan Images


Templates in Use Templates

Project notices

Article templates



This is a list of Georgia Tech-related articles, templates, and categories listed for deletion.




How can I contribute to this project How can I contribute to this project ?

No matter how experienced you are, we could use your help!

If you're new to Wikipedia, have a look at the following:

  1. Introduction to Wikipedia
  2. How to edit a page
  3. Starting a new page
  4. Wikipedia syntax

If you're looking to join the project or for something to do, try the following:

  1. Add your name to the list of participants (optional)
  2. Contribute to an existing article; there is a list of articles below (or click here)
    1. Have a look at this week's collaboration (on the left).
    2. Consider starting with a topic you're familiar with, and working out from there.
    3. Every article in the project has a "to do" list with suggestions and helpful links for that article. If you can think of something the article needs, or have completed one of those tasks, feel free to edit that list!
    4. Be on the lookout for tags such as {{cleanup}} and {{unreferenced}} to guide your contributions.
  3. Start a new article!
    1. There's a list of requests below (or click here).
    2. Be sure to add {{WikiProject Georgia Tech}} to the talk page.
  4. Add an image to an article!
    1. Check the image requests below and to the left (or click here)...
    2. Or look at project articles for somewhere a picture you've taken might look good.
    3. Image uploading and licensing is difficult, so don't be afraid to ask for help!
    4. If you upload an image you've taken, licensing it under Creative Commons cc-by-2.5 (or a similar license) will reduce the chance that it will be deleted.
      1. cc-by-nc and cc-by-3.0 licenses are considered "unfree";
      2. If you upload an image, you have to swallow the fact that any person or corporation (including the institute) can (and will) use your image.
    5. Add images you upload to Category:Georgia Institute of Technology. If you upload them to Commons, add them to the category on both Commons and Wikipedia. (Yes, you can categorize a Commons image on Wikipedia.)

And remember, provide sources for your edits.



This is a list of "core articles" that are most actively maintained by this project. Alumni, faculty, and staff are only included on this list if they are especially notable to the university. Add articles or move them to different lists where appropriate. Items in bold are of higher importance. See also: related changes (shortcut: WP:TECH/RC).

Featured content

Current Featured content nominations (A-class)

Future Featured content nominations (A-class)

GA-class articles

GA Nominations

  • (none)

B-class articles

Articles needing references

Articles needing minor expansion, cleanup, and references

Sport year articles

Well-referenced articles that need expansion

Articles needing major expansion, cleanup, and references

Sport year articles

Articles that need major cleanup

Stubs and very short articles

Organizations and projects

Article Requests

People and Organizations
Sports teams (current redirects)

Other requests

Sports people
Research centers


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