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Museum collections[edit]

Since 1852, Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira has been amassing a world-class, encyclopaedic collection, which now comprises some three million objects and counting—each telling a story that helps interpret, understand, and illuminate the history of Aotearoa and its people.

The Pacific Collection Access Project (PCAP)[edit]

The Pacific Collection Access Project (PCAP) is a three-year project that will:

  • improve knowledge and understanding of the Museum’s Pacific collection;
  • improve the safety of the Pacific collection; and
  • increase the public access and engagement, especially for Pacific source communities, with the Museum and its Pacific collection.

Read more about the project on the Museum's website, and view the Auckland Museum PCAP-related Wikipedia category. The project Wiki-PCAP is a collaboration between Museum staff and the NZ Wikipedian-at-Large to help the PCAP project engage better with Wikipedia and share its images and knowledge documentation.

Open images[edit]


Images in Auckland Museum's collections can fall under a range of Copyright restrictions. If an image is to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons it needs to be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0) and have a download button, or be Public Domain/Out of Copyright. If the image does not meet these requirements it should not be uploaded to Commons. "No known copyright restrictions" is not necessarily sufficient.

The Museum has some guidelines for using their images that go into detail regarding the various copyright statements you might encounter.

Wikimedia Commons has a public domain metadata template for New Zealand ({{PD-New Zealand}}), and one to indicate that a digital image is a faithful scan of a public-domain original ({{PD-scan}}). These should be used together when uploading a Public Domain scan.

In the "source" field of any Commons upload of a collection item from the Museum, the {{Institution:Auckland War Memorial Museum}} template should be used, to give a machine-readable attribution to the Museum.

Wikimedia Commons category[edit]


Guidelines for Auckland Museum staff editing Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia is different from most other social-media channels used by the Auckland Museum. Wikipedia is a community-written encyclopedia and members of the public are free to write about Museum objects, current and former employees, or the Museum itself. Being an encyclopedia, Wikipeida is a tertiary source that does not publish original information (i.e. information for which no independent secondary source exists). Wikipedia contributors, including staff, do not own their contributions; contributions may be contested or changed.

These guidelines communicate the Museum’s expectations of staff engaging in editing Wikipedia articles and provide a public-facing explanation of the editing methodology of Museum staff, and also acknowledge that the institution is aware of and dealing with any potential conflicts of interest in (paid) staff editing.

The guidelines were developed using as a template the draft United National Archives WikiProject's internal guidelines, available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. These guidelines are published under the same license.

Policy statement[edit]

  1. Staff participate in Wikipedia on an equal footing with all other editors by using individual rather than institutional accounts.
  2. Where staff are contributing Museum assets (ie, digitised images of collection items that are in copyright, or photographs taken by the Museum) to Wikimedia Commons, they must: have Museum authorisation to release the specific files; use the appropriate license; and apply the Museum's template.
  3. Museum staff must disclose their affiliation with the Museum on their user page before editing. Templates are available on the Museum’s Participants project page.
  4. If Museum staff edit articles about the Museum as an institution, other users may perceive a conflict of interest. Simple factual changes (e.g.: personnel updates or outdated statistics) may likely be made without contention, but more substantive changes should be proposed first using discussion pages or other fora.
  5. Additions to articles must be verifiable. This means that independent media or secondary sources should be cited whenever possible.
  6. When editing articles, an impartial voice should be maintained. Museum staff must remember they are writing an encyclopedia, not speaking for the Museum.


Wikipedia Training Manual.pdf

A training manual developed by the State Library of Queensland helps participants continue to use their Wikipedia editing skills in their own time. Another potentially useful guide (with video) can be found at Wikipedia:GLAM/BeginnersGuide.



Auckland Museum hosted Wikimedian in Residence Susan Tol (talk · contribs) for five weeks during June/July 2017, and New Zealand Wikipedian-at-Large Giantflightlessbirds (talk · contribs) July to September 2018. Both engaged with museum staff, members of the public, researchers, and other organisations to encourage contributions to the development of Wikipedia articles and to make the Museum's content more publicly accessible.

Both residencies involved such activities as:

  • Working with staff, including librarians and curators, to identify areas of Wikipedia and sister projects that could be enriched with resources and knowledge from the Museum's collections.
  • Developing a policy and workflow for adding to Wikimedia, Wikipedia, etc., in a sustainable and ongoing fashion.
  • Organising and hosting Wikimedia-related events.
  • Adding even more resources to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Being an advocate for open knowledge within the Library and externally.


Our objectives were to:

  • Increase the quality and quantity of coverage of subjects that are currently underrepresented on Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, with a particular focus on Māori and Pacific cultural content.
  • Support the development of open knowledge in New Zealand, by increasing the understanding and recognition of the value of open knowledge and advocating for change.
  • To support the use of the Wikimedia platforms as important tools for education and learning within the Museum.


  • Susan Tol (talk · contribs) ran a Wikipedia workshop on how museums can use Wikipedia to improve accessibility to their collection and research. This workshop also taught basic editing skills, and how to upload images to Commons. She also began bulk uploads of archaeology collection images to WikiCommons.
  • Giantflightlessbirds (talk · contribs) organised a local meetup, and a Commons Wikiblitz around the upload of new land vertebrate images to Commons. He also created Wiki-PCAP, a collaboration with the Pacific Collection Access Project, and ran staff training and brown-bag information sessions.

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