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On the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd March, the Bodleian Libraries and Oxford IT Services hosted a Wikipedia edit-a-thon about women to address Wikipedia's gender disparity. The scope includes feminism, women's issues, women in STEM subjects, women in arts and humanities, and women's achievements generally. Come with an idea of what to write about, or take one of the suggestions below. This was a free event, with training provided by the Bodleian Libraries' Wikimedian In Residence, Martin Poulter.

  • What: A Wikipedia editing event
  • When: 2pm-5pm, Wednesday 23rd March 2016
  • Where: The Isis Room, IT Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN


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Four other people sent emails saying they would have liked to attend but were not available on this day.


Articles created
Articles improved

There is a project by two archivists to improve the article about Mabel Purefoy FitzGerald. The improvement did not take place at this event, but one of the archivists attended this event to train for it.

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See wmuk:Women in Wikipedia, Oxford 2016

Target articles[edit]

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I'm grateful to academic Monica H. Green for highlighting problems with the List of female scientists before the 20th century. See Talk:List of female scientists before the 20th century#An_academic_review_of_the_Middle_Ages_list.

Articles to improve[edit]

Articles to create[edit]

See also Wikipedia:WikiProject_Women's_History/Requested_articles

As background to this event, and as part of the Open Knowledge Ambassador training, I compiled a list of women who had won lifetime achievement awards or had held leadership positions in Oxford colleges: these redlinks have since been moved to the Women In Red project.

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