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The Chemical Heritage Foundation Building, 2008
Entrance with new name, Science History Institute, 2018
Chemical Heritage Foundation project page
Science History Institute mark
This page was created to document the collaboration of the Science History Institute, formerly known as the Chemical Heritage Foundation, with Wikipedia. As part of WikiProject GLAM and the Wikipedian in Residence program, Wikipedian Mary Mark Ockerbloom works with staff of the Science History Institute.

The Science History Institute[edit]

The Institute's goal is to collect, use, and share the history of science and technology, with particular attention to chemistry and molecular science. Institute resources include the Othmer Library and oral history collection, museum collections of scientific objects and artwork, and extensive archives (including the papers of several Nobel Laureates). The Institute organizes museum exhibits and symposia and has an active Fellowship program for scholars. The Institute also grants several awards in the areas of history and science.

A Wikipedian in Residence[edit]

This project seeks to coordinate the sharing of resources between the Science History Institute, formerly the Chemical Heritage Foundation, and the Wikimedia community in a way that is beneficial to both. Summaries of Mary's activities on Wikipedia can be seen on her User Page.

Pilot period (2013-2014)[edit]

During the pilot period (May-June 2013; September-December 2013; January 2014-June 2014), Mary Mark Ockerbloom was employed on a series of short contracts, under the supervision of Jeffery Guin, to explore the potential for collaboration between the Chemical Heritage Foundation and Wikipedia.

Ongoing (2014-January 31, 2018)[edit]

As of September 2014, Mary Mark Ockerbloom was hired as ongoing staff, under the supervision of Shelley Wilks Geehr. Part of her work involves the Beckman collection, where a multi-year project is examining the historical impact of Arnold Orville Beckman's scientific work, and his connections to other scientists and engineers during the last century.

Ongoing (February 1, 2018-)[edit]

As of February 1, 2018, the Chemical Heritage Foundation changed its name to the Science History Institute. Mary Mark Ockerbloom continues in the position of Wikipedian in Residence at the renamed Institute, as part of the Distillations team.


WikiSalon, Philadelphia[edit]

Come to the WikiSalon, held the second Saturday of each month from 12-2 p.m.

Special Events[edit]

For other events and activities in the Philadelphia area, see the Wikipedia:Meetup/Philadelphia.


Expansion of content and support of authoritative sources[edit]

Improve Wikipedia's coverage of people and topics relating to the history of Science, particularly Chemistry, Women in science, and topics relevant to instrumentation and the Arnold Orville Beckman archive. This work includes editing existing pages, providing access to sources for citations on existing pages, and creating new pages about notable people and topics.

Media contribution to Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Donate content, particularly images from the Institute's archives on topics such as Alchemy, to Wikimedia Commons. These images may then be utilized by educators and researchers worldwide without restrictions.


Empower Foundation staff and members of the broader digital humanities community to engage with Wikipedia and develop skills and confidence as Wikipedia contributors. Promote opportunities for new relationships and connections within the libraries, archives, and museum communities.

Media Mentions[edit]

See Mary Mark Ockerbloom#News_coverage.

Finding Science History Institute Resources[edit]

Relevant Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Several Wikipedia projects focus on relevant areas. Their pages give information about what is currently in Wikipedia and what needs work.

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