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We would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the GibraltarpediA Challenge for the amazing amount of work that has been done creating probably one of the most documented places in the World on Wikipedia. When we started the project Gibraltar was fairly well documented with 314 articles in English, but the team of volunteers have created an extra 600 articles in 37 languages making it a truly multilingual challenge. Gibraltar now has articles in Catalan, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Welsh and many many others.

We would like to thank everyone involved for all their enthusiasm and work, 500 of the articles were written by the contestants but an extra 100 were made by editors who just wanted to contribute. We would like to mention our winner Bill William Compton who duelled with Farras Octara for the lead during the closing weeks. As a result we have very good coverage in Hindi and Indonesian. The third place went to Anne a relatively new Wikipedia editor who created dozens of first class articles in English on a range of subjects from the Gibraltar 2 neanderthal skull to the Royal Calpe Hunt, many of the contributions in other languages are based on her work. The fourth and fifth places went to Al Lemos and Tappinen who worked on Iberian languages and Finnish respectively.

Of our supporters we should pick out Prioryman who originally started the first Gibraltar Wikiproject some years ago and he has created some wonderful articles, championed the project on line and he even directed his holidays to see Gibraltar for himself. Locally we were supported by the Government of Gibraltar, Tyson Lee Holmes who came up with the idea for Gibraltarpedia and he established links with the government, Tommy Finlayson, Rosie Hernandez and the staff of the Gibraltar Museum, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and Garrison Library.

Users and Points[edit]

  • Bill william compton - 351
  • Farras Octara - 322
  • Anne, aka ACP2011 - 274
  • Al Lemos – 200
  • Tappinen - 119
  • Asanagi – 102
  • Amjaabc (Arne) - 82
  • Raj Singh - 68
  • Чаховіч Уладзіслаў - 62
  • Tianyamm2 - 58
  • J.K Nakkila - 42
  • Àlex – 36
  • Tchoř - 33
  • Biathlon - 31
  • Stryn – 29
  • Arnaugir - 27
  • Ashliveslove - 10
  • Bingutabi - 8
  • Gibmetal 77 - 7
  • Obsidian Soul - 7
  • Toromedia (Talk) - 3
  • Dominik – 2
  • Kormin - 2