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Welcome to the GLAM page of Library and Archives Canada (LAC). This page will cover all the projects and events undertaken by LAC as part of its collaboration with the GLAM initiative. Using our vast collection, we will be focusing on sharing resources to enhance, enrich and fill the knowledge gap within Wikimedia projects.

LAC's collection includes a large number of books (more than 20 million in several languages), images (almost 30 million including photographs, prints and digital images), films (over 90 thousand including documentaries as well as silent, short and full-length films), newspaper archives, sheet music, drawings, plans, maps and other materials[1].

What are our aims and objectives?[edit]

  • Develop a meaningful relationship with the Wikimedia Foundation and contribute to the Wiki-universe knowledge.
  • Increase public knowledge about our bibliographic and archival material.
  • Upload media from our collection to Wikimedia Commons. Then, encouraging public to enrich Wikipedia articles with the images released.
  • Be a reliable bibliographic source to feed and improve references in Wikipedia articles.
  • Host Edit-a-thons and other events hoping to attract new editors.
  • Contribute to the GLAM community development becoming an example to other Canadian institutions.
  • Provide a multilingual (English and French) project page that might serve as a model for future GLAM institutions.
  • Share lessons and knowledge acquired during our GLAM journey with the Wikimedia community.

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