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Dr Mike Dickison is employed as Lincoln University Wikipedian in Residence at Lincoln University, New Zealand, from November–December 2019. This placement is a proof-of-concept to develop a Wikipedia strategy for the University for implementation in 2020.


Mike is being assisted by LTL staff Deborah Fitchett, Eunju Jung, Anisha Thomas, and Craig Murray. The project is organised through a Google Doc, Lincoln University WiR To Do list. In the spirit of Wikimedia, anyone is welcome to help. The following resources will be useful.

Presentations to staff[edit]

  • Wikipedia as an outreach tool: talk for Lincoln staff (see outline here).
    Mon 9 Dec, 12:00–1:00, Ivey building L114.
  • Introduction to Wikidata: workshop for library staff (University of Canterbury to be invited).
    Thu 12 Dec, 1:30–4:00, Ivey Building L206.


  1. Begin a partnership with the Christchurch Wikipedia community
  2. Create a To Do list of articles and categories to improve
  3. Bulk upload of some images – Lincoln CC BY copyrighted or public domain – that can be used to illustrate articles on the university, the town Lincoln, and other New Zealand articles.
  4. Attempt to release staff profile pictures to accompany Wikidata items.
  5. Begin Wikidata and Wikicite projects with a selection of Lincoln University (Q1048626) researchers and publications
  6. Improve the Lincoln Wikipedia article to US or UK standards, and monitor analytics
  7. Create a long-term Wikipedia strategy for Lincoln


Lincoln University[edit]

Lincoln University buildings[edit]

Christchurch-based Wikipedians on a photo trip to Lincoln University
  • Created/improved Wikidata items and Commons categories for main campus buildings:

Trees of Lincoln University[edit]

Lincoln University Art Collection[edit]

Lincoln University Entomology Research Collection[edit]

  • Created or improved Wikidata items for people connected with the Entomology Department:

Ron Blackmore photos[edit]

Baseline (2019-11-26)[edit]

  • Lincoln University (New Zealand) had received in 2019 28,263 page views (a daily average of 86), and had had 12 edits by 9 editors. It was a 14.4 KB, C grade article. There were currently articles on Lincoln University in 11 language Wikipedias.
  • Lincoln University (Q1048626) had 14 identifiers and 12 properties (and was using the wrong logo)
  • Category:Lincoln University had 14 images, most just of one earthquake-damaged building
  • 41 Wikipedia pages cited sources from at Research@Lincoln, and 13 linked to content at Living Heritage (source: Deborah Fitchett)