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Evening ensemble[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Evening ensemble Q100347689 on Wikidata 1845 1985.140.3a–c
Evening ensemble Q100349013 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.653a–d
Evening ensemble Q100706255 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.62.36.1a–d
Evening ensemble Q100706370 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.54.5.1a–e

afternoon dress[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Afternoon dress Q99808779 on Wikidata 1843 1981.14.5
Afternoon ensemble Q100348237 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2033a–e
Afternoon dress Q100349046 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.812
Afternoon ensemble Q100381013 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.87a–c
Afternoon dress Q100384108 on Wikidata 1848 2009.300.954
Afternoon dress Q100384243 on Wikidata 1845 2009.300.928
Afternoon dress Q100706166 on Wikidata 1835 C.I.54.48a, b
Afternoon dress Q100706219 on Wikidata 180s C.I.X.54.10.24
Afternoon dress Q100706362 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.50.39
Afternoon dress Q100706410 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.55.67
Afternoon dress Q100721101 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.338a–c


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Armchair Q83560005 on Wikidata Samuel McIntire 1801 45.105
Armchair Q83560006 on Wikidata Charles-Honoré Lannuier 1810 31.44.2
Armchair Q83560011 on Wikidata 1843 69.262.3

ball gown[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Ball gown Q100347290 on Wikidata 1828 1985.20.4
Ball gown Q100379725 on Wikidata 1842 2009.300.1007
Ball gown Q100379989 on Wikidata 1820 2009.300.44
Ball gown Q100706459 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.69.14.2a, b
Ball gown Q100708429 on Wikidata House of Worth 18th century C.I.68.53.10a–c


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Bonnet Q100706165 on Wikidata 1824 C.I.39.13.118
Bonnet Q100706538 on Wikidata 1815 2009.300.5631


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Boots Q99808530 on Wikidata 1830 1980.405a, b
Evening boots Q100347824 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.1439a–d
Boots Q100348922 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.3003a–d
Boots Q100706484 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.4118a, b
Evening boots Q100706485 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.4119a, b
Evening boots Q100706486 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.4195a, b
Evening boots Q100706492 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.4514a, b
Boots Q100706535 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.4882a, b


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Bootees Q100348232 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.1894a, b
Bootees Q100348239 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2152a, b


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Bottle Q83544972 on Wikidata 1800 11.87.30
Bottle Q104412963 on Wikidata 18th century 1981.83 dog


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Bowl Q56034162 on Wikidata 18th century 02.5.45 flower
Bowl Q83560027 on Wikidata 1820 11.87.68 horse
Covered Bowl Q83560054 on Wikidata 1820 11.87.44a, b flower
Bowl Q104413097 on Wikidata 1800 2019.456.15


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Cameo Q83559975 on Wikidata 1835 2000.562 portrait man
Brooch Q83561997 on Wikidata 18th century 2000.549.1 flower
Brooch (part of parure) Q105100281 on Wikidata 1840 67.139.2


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
George Washington Q29383002 on Wikidata Hiram Powers 180s 1982.443.2 portrait
George Washington
America Q83559798 on Wikidata Hiram Powers 18th century 66.243 nude
George Washington Q83560183 on Wikidata Horatio Greenough 18th century 84.8.2 portrait George Washington


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Bustle Q100348939 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.3094
Bustle Q100706441 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.44.110
Bustle Q100706543 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.6602
Bustle Q100706550 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.7487
Bustle Q100706551 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.7602


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Chamber candlestick or taperstick Q96181462 on Wikidata Rebecca Emes 18th century 2006.470.22a–c
Chamber candlestick Q96181464 on Wikidata Rebecca Emes 18th century 2006.470.27a–d

carriage boot[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Carriage boots Q100347843 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.1586a–d
Carriage boots Q100706537 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.5564a, b


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Papier-mâché side chair Q20182770 on Wikidata No/unknown value 1830 1975.1.2068
Papier-mâchè side chair Q20182886 on Wikidata No/unknown value 1830 1975.1.2061 flower


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Chemise Q100381309 on Wikidata 1822 2009.300.92
Smock Q100706412 on Wikidata 1830 C.I.39.2.1


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Coat Q100347079 on Wikidata 1815 1997.508
Man's coat Q104413083 on Wikidata 1820 2017.718.9


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Corset Q100347106 on Wikidata 18th century 1999.216.5
Corset Q100347219 on Wikidata 18th century 1985.153
Corset Q100348933 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.3031a–e
Corset Q100348943 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.3101a–c
Corset Q100348944 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.3102a–c
Corset Q100348952 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.3109a–c
Corset Q100379773 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2758a–d
Corset Q100708483 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.50.65.1a, b

court dress[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Court dress, ca. 1828 Q67479198 on Wikidata 1828 1983.4 leaf
Court presentation ensemble Q100696137 on Wikidata 1834 2009.300.659a–e
Court ensemble Q100706457 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.54.12.1a–e


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Cage crinoline Q100348240 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2250
Cage crinoline Q100348249 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2727
Cage crinoline Q100706544 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.6603


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Cup and saucer with painted winter scenes Q20181918 on Wikidata No/unknown value 1829 1975.1.1611a,b winter
Cup Q83560094 on Wikidata 1840 11.87.51

dinner dress[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Dinner dress Q100378623 on Wikidata House of Worth 18th century 2009.300.2994a, b
Dinner dress Q100378640 on Wikidata House of Worth 18th century 2009.300.636a, b
Dinner dress Q100380411 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.677a, b
Dinner dress Q100380566 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.72a, b
Dinner dress Q100706163 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.69.14.3a, b
Dinner dress Q100706193 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.69.14.12a, b
Dinner dress Q100706244 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.69.14.9a, b
Dinner dress Q100706306 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.63.23.2
Dinner dress Q100706375 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.60.6.9
Dinner dress Q100706467 on Wikidata 1820 2009.300.3370
Dinner dress Q100706559 on Wikidata 18th century 2015.98a, b


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
The Fountain, No. 1: The Wounded Indian Slaking His Death Thirst Q19923778 on Wikidata Thomas Cole 1843 1977.182.7 man
Anne Charlotte Lynch (Later Mrs. Vincenzo Botta) Q19925353 on Wikidata Savinien Edme Dubourjal 1847 95.2.3 woman
Anne Lynch Botta
Union Park, New York Q19925400 on Wikidata Sarah Fairchild 1845 1980.341.3 tree
urban landscape
New York City
May Thy Voyage Be Prosperous Q20178322 on Wikidata 1810 2006.235.112 ship
Jean-Victor Moreau Q20178719 on Wikidata Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin 1806 83.2.471 man
Jean Victor Marie Moreau
John Adams Q20178731 on Wikidata Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin 180s 83.2.470 man
John Adams
Dyer Sharp Wynkoop Q20178741 on Wikidata Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin 1800 66.112 man
Mr. Mason by the Sea Q20179393 on Wikidata Daniel Huntington 1849 1977.133.1 man
Jedburgh Abbey (from Cropsey Album) Q20179561 on Wikidata Jasper Francis Cropsey 1847 1970.9.18 abbey
Landscape with Tree and a Village in the Distance (from Cropsey Album) Q20179575 on Wikidata Jasper Francis Cropsey 1847 1970.9.1 tree
landscape art
Study for "Raphael and the Fornarina"(?) Q20184699 on Wikidata Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres 1814 1975.1.646 woman
Götz von Berlichingen Writing His Memoirs Q20184720 on Wikidata Eugène Delacroix 180s 1975.1.614 man
Seated Gentleman Q20187437 on Wikidata Jacques-Louis David 1810 1975.1.606 man
Portrait of Madame Gabrielle Marcotte de Quivières Q20187900 on Wikidata Théodore Chassériau 1845 1975.1.581 portrait painting
Leonidas at Thermopylae Q29384600 on Wikidata Jacques-Louis David 180s
63.1 soldier
The Kaunitz Sisters (Leopoldine, Caroline, and Ferdinandine) Q29384624 on Wikidata Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres 1818 1998.21 portrait woman
Saada, the Wife of Abraham Ben-Chimol, and Préciada, One of Their Daughters Q29384684 on Wikidata Eugène Delacroix 1832 1972.118.210 woman
The Lake of Zug Q29384866 on Wikidata J. M. W. Turner 1843 59.120 boat
landscape art
The Burial of Punchinello Q29385298 on Wikidata Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 180s 1975.1.473 man
The River Elbe in Moonlight Q64892185 on Wikidata Johan Christian Dahl 1833 2003.157 landscape art Moon
landscape art
Portrait of Eline Marie Heger as a Child, Leaning on a Table, Looking at a Book Q72542436 on Wikidata Johan Christian Dahl 1818 2008.520 portrait
Portrait of Juliane Sophie Heger as a Child, leaning on a Table Q72544065 on Wikidata Johan Christian Dahl 1820 2008.521 girl
Sheet of Studies for "The Horse Fair" Q96183232 on Wikidata Rosa Bonheur 18th century 1991.463 horse
Female Figure Seated Beside an Urn Q96183234 on Wikidata No/unknown value 1800 47.155.9 urn
Illustrated letter to M. Roland Q96183259 on Wikidata Rosa Bonheur 18th century 2000.631 correspondence
art of painting
Two Roses Q96184820 on Wikidata Anne Vallayer-Coster 1810 2005.237 rose
The Entrance of Charlemagne into Pavia Q96319241 on Wikidata Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld 1840 2003.85 child
The Camelopard, or a new hobby Q97731337 on Wikidata William Heath 1827 53.662.1 George IV of the United Kingdom
Elizabeth Conyngham, Marchioness Conyngham
Caricature of a Drunken Debauch Q97731339 on Wikidata No/unknown value 18th century 49.40.18 satire
Lilthorpe's Gallant Attack on Street, Nuisances Q97731344 on Wikidata John Leech 18th century 51.593.11 satire
Raising the Wind Q97768004 on Wikidata Thomas Rowlandson 1812 1975.1.894 satire
Dorothea Hart Q98224588 on Wikidata James Sharples
Ellen Sharples
1809 35.17 portrait profile
Proposal for Astor House (Park Hotel), New York (perspective) Q100152275 on Wikidata Alexander Jackson Davis 1830 24.66.30
A View of Lower Rydal Falls, Cumbria Q103695864 on Wikidata Thomas Fearnley 1837 2011.564.2 waterfall
At Five Ponds, North Waterford, Maine Q105435070 on Wikidata 1845 1982.289 mountain
landscape art
Study of a Young Model Q111836015 on Wikidata William Henry Hunt 1830 2020.120
Portrait of Madame Paul Meurice, née Palmyre Granger Q111836270 on Wikidata Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres 1845 2016.20 Éléonore-Palmyre Meurice
The Muse Erato Writing Verses Inspired by Love Q123308773 on Wikidata Charles Meynier 1797
2001.506 Erato


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Dress Q99800506 on Wikidata 1803 1983.401.1
Visiting dress Q99800509 on Wikidata 1822 1980.145.1a, b
Dress Q99800511 on Wikidata 180s 1972.139.8
Dress Q99800519 on Wikidata 1818 1979.346.118
Morning dress Q99801418 on Wikidata 1844 1979.385.2
Dress Q99807230 on Wikidata 1800 1981.393.2
Dress Q99807234 on Wikidata 1810 13.49.16
Dress Q99807338 on Wikidata 1810 11.60.226
Dress Q99807350 on Wikidata 1832 11.60.228
Dress Q99807381 on Wikidata 1825 13.49.21
Dress Q99807393 on Wikidata 1820 13.49.27
Dress Q99807400 on Wikidata 1842 26.157
Dress Q99808632 on Wikidata 1800 C.I.69.15.2
Dress Q99808643 on Wikidata 1803 1979.346.39
Morning dress Q99808664 on Wikidata 180s 1977.197.3
Morning dress Q99808667 on Wikidata 1806 1976.142.2
Dress Q99808685 on Wikidata 1836 1973.226
Morning dress Q99808694 on Wikidata 1820 1979.385.1
Dress Q99808710 on Wikidata 180s 1976.209.2
Morning dress Q99808720 on Wikidata 1820 1978.477.9
Morning dress Q99808723 on Wikidata 1828 1978.359
Dress Q99808741 on Wikidata 1840 1976.122.3
Dress Q100145598 on Wikidata 1804 19.181.1
Morning dress Q100145599 on Wikidata 1827 1972.139.9
Dress Q100145600 on Wikidata 1820 1971.242.1a–e
Dress Q100145601 on Wikidata 1837 37.192
Dress Q100145602 on Wikidata 1820 1972.139.5a–d
Morning dress Q100145659 on Wikidata 1819 1977.309.2
Dress Q100145660 on Wikidata 1814 1978.230.1
Dress Q100145682 on Wikidata 1810 11.60.805
Dress Q100145685 on Wikidata 1810 13.49.17
Dress Q100145706 on Wikidata 1836 1971.47.3a–e
Dress Q100347082 on Wikidata 1843 1995.461
Dress Q100347083 on Wikidata 18th century 1995.463.2a–d
Dress Q100347094 on Wikidata 1840 1993.32
Dress Q100347095 on Wikidata 180s 1992.31.5
Dress Q100347098 on Wikidata 18th century 1999.224
Dress Q100347111 on Wikidata 1840 1999.216.4
Dress Q100347206 on Wikidata 18th century 1986.304a, b
Dress Q100347207 on Wikidata 1823 1984.82
Dress Q100347210 on Wikidata 18th century 1988.105.2a, b
Dress Q100347211 on Wikidata 1840 1984.436
Dress Q100347218 on Wikidata 18th century 1987.190.2a, b
Dress Q100347254 on Wikidata 18th century 1989.246.7
Dress Q100347257 on Wikidata 18th century 1989.246.1a, b
Dress Q100347263 on Wikidata 18th century 1981.245.3
Dress Q100347283 on Wikidata 1818 1981.210.5
Dress Q100347285 on Wikidata 1818 1985.27.2
Dress Q100347287 on Wikidata 1829 1985.138.2a, b
Dress Q100347293 on Wikidata 1801 1982.316.12
Dress Q100347297 on Wikidata 1818 1983.152
Dress Q100347299 on Wikidata 1814 1984.81
Dress Q100347302 on Wikidata 18th century 1982.56.2
Dress Q100347304 on Wikidata 1825 1982.288.1
Dress Q100347305 on Wikidata 1822 1986.140.1
Dress Q100347685 on Wikidata 18th century 1981.210.3
Dress Q100347686 on Wikidata 1841 1988.105.1
Dress Q100347687 on Wikidata 1846 1984.90.1
Dress Q100347761 on Wikidata 1837 1983.241.1
Dress Q100347776 on Wikidata 1830 2006.408
Dress Q100347782 on Wikidata 180s 2008.19
Visiting dress Q100349003 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.630
Dress Q100349026 on Wikidata 1813 2009.300.682
Dress Q100378587 on Wikidata 1810 1987.236
Morning dress Q100378652 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.919
Dress Q100379765 on Wikidata 1805 2009.300.2314
Dress Q100379771 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2477a, b
Dress Q100379776 on Wikidata 1810 2009.300.2776
Dress Q100379984 on Wikidata 1843 2009.300.43
Dress Q100379998 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.578a, b
Dress Q100381224 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.915
Dress Q100384104 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.948a–c
Dress Q100695862 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.607
Dress Q100706174 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.37.46.3
Dress Q100706175 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.37.46.5
Dress Q100706176 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.23.3
Dress Q100706178 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.23.9
Dress Q100706179 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.23.60a, b
Dress Q100706180 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.100.2
Dress Q100706181 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.39.13.55a–c
Dress Q100706184 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.39.68
Dress Q100706187 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.37.46.35a, b
Dress Q100706190 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.53.68.2a–c
Promenade dress Q100706191 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.60.6.11a, b
Dress Q100706197 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.53.15.1a, b
Dress Q100706200 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.41.21.5a, b
Dress Q100706201 on Wikidata 180s C.I.43.126.20
Dress Q100706222 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.41.58.1a, b
Dress Q100706223 on Wikidata 1842 C.I.43.129.1a, b
Dress Q100706241 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.60.22.9
Dress Q100706246 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.101.12a, b
Dress Q100706247 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.53.72.8
Dress Q100706259 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.X.51.24.5a, b
Dress Q100706280 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.50.50.3
Dress Q100706282 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.64.36
Dress Q100706294 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.37.27.3a, b
Dress Q100706311 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.65.2.1a, b
Dress Q100706340 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.37.46.7a, b
Dress Q100706343 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.8.8a, b
Dress Q100706349 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.42.76.1a, b
Morning dress Q100706350 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.43.126.23a, b
Dress Q100706352 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.43.7.2a, b
Dress Q100706355 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.46.96a, b
Dress Q100706356 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.47.64.1a–d
Dress Q100706357 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.48.39.1a, b
Dress Q100706358 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.50.105.16a, b
Dress Q100706359 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.50.105.17
Dress Q100706371 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.57.15.3a, b
Dress Q100706379 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.65.23a, b
Dress Q100706405 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.58.60
Dress Q100706406 on Wikidata 1815 C.I.39.13.100
Dress Q100706407 on Wikidata 1820 C.I.66.59.7
Dress Q100706409 on Wikidata 1825 C.I.46.59.19
Dress Q100706413 on Wikidata 1836 C.I.66.35.1
Dress Q100706414 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.45.68.2a, b
Dress Q100706415 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.45.68.1
Dress Q100706417 on Wikidata 1843 C.I.40.106.38
Dress Q100706419 on Wikidata 180s C.I.49.40.2
Dress Q100706421 on Wikidata 1847 C.I.49.40.1a, b
Dress Q100706456 on Wikidata 1820 C.I.39.13.109
Dress Q100706561 on Wikidata 18th century 2017.70
Dress Q100708396 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.44.92.1a–c
Dress Q100708481 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.23.245a–c
Dress Q100708485 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.45.68.28
Dress Q100708504 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.58.9.1a–e
Dress Q100709753 on Wikidata House of Worth 18th century C.I.53.63a, b
Dress Q100709756 on Wikidata House of Worth 18th century C.I.39.9.1a, b
Dress Q100709759 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.60.6.4a, b
Dress Q100709860 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.39.5.1a–c
Dress Q100709874 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.62.35.7a–c

dressing gown[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Dressing gown Q100348972 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.439a, b
Dressing gown Q100379983 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.429
Dressing gown Q100380522 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.70
Dressing gown Q100381058 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.91
Dressing gown Q100384111 on Wikidata 1825 2009.300.999
Dressing gown Q100708423 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.46.52.2a, b


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Memorial Picture Q104412995 on Wikidata 1803 56.66 monument
Hector Taking Leave of His Family Q104412997 on Wikidata 1810 1971.62 mythology


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Walking ensemble Q29383407 on Wikidata 180s 26.250.1a, b dress
Ensemble Q98843220 on Wikidata 1820 1976.235.3a–e
Ensemble Q99807239 on Wikidata 1810 11.60.227a–c
Visiting ensemble Q99808775 on Wikidata 1818 1980.259a, b
Ensemble Q100347113 on Wikidata 1836 1988.105.5a–d
Ensemble Q100347310 on Wikidata 1832 1988.378a–d
Ensemble Q100378604 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.20a–j
Ensemble Q100378615 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.1372a–d
Ensemble Q100378616 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2322a–c
Ensemble Q100380698 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.843a–d
Ensemble Q100706177 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.38.23.6a–c
Ensemble Q100706317 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.55.40.1a, b, e
Ensemble Q100706351 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.43.66a–c
Ensemble Q100706372 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.58.4.4a–e
Ensemble Q100706427 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.53.67.1a, b
Ensemble Q100706435 on Wikidata 180s C.I.46.82.17a, b
Ensemble Q100709868 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.53.50a–f
Ensemble Q100717701 on Wikidata 18th century 2010.149a, b

evening dress[edit]

image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Evening dress Q29383434 on Wikidata 180s 1983.6.1 dress
Evening dress Q99800525 on Wikidata 1842 1975.128.10
Evening dress Q99808655 on Wikidata 1818 1970.281.3
Evening dress Q100347295 on Wikidata 1835 1984.89
Evening dress Q100347690 on Wikidata 1840 1982.132.1a, b
Evening dress Q100348986 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.609a, b
Evening dress Q100349008 on Wikidata 1840 2009.300.634
Evening dress Q100349552 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.865
Evening dress Q100378596 on Wikidata 18th century 1985.154.1a–c
Evening dress Q100379780 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.2976
Evening dress Q100384098 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.922
Evening dress Q100384184 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.921a, b
Evening dress Q100384280 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.953a, b
Evening dress Q100706170 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.60.26.2a, b
Evening dress Q100706189 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.37.61.1a, b
Evening dress Q100706242 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.59.35.3a, b
Evening dress Q100706249 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.59.35.2a, b
Evening dress Q100706408 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.57.57.10
Evening dress Q100706426 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.42.39.2
Evening dress Q100706463 on Wikidata 1848 2009.300.3335a, b
Evening dress Q100708482 on Wikidata House of Worth 18th century C.I.54.4.1a–c
Evening dress Q100709769 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.X.646


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
18th century 02.18.885 hand
Portrait figure Q104413118 on Wikidata 1840 2019.456.5 woman


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Female Figure Q29384334 on Wikidata 18th century 1979.206.1470 nude
The Greek Slave Q83560068 on Wikidata 1849 1983.492 nude
enslaved person
Angels mourning over Christ after the flagellation Q96181437 on Wikidata Luisa Roldán 18th century 04.8.1 angel
The Entombment of Christ Q96185506 on Wikidata Luisa Roldán 18th century 2016.482 Christ
entombment of Christ
Mary Magdalene
Kneeling woman with a bowl (from a nativity) Q96869890 on Wikidata 18th century 64.164.176 woman


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Side Chair Q29382896 on Wikidata 180s 65.167.6 griffin
Desk and Bookcase Q29382914 on Wikidata 180s 69.203
Secretary-bookcase Q29382917 on Wikidata 180s 60.29.1a, b
Pier table Q29382938 on Wikidata Joseph Barry 180s 1976.324 griffin
Sofa Q29382953 on Wikidata Duncan Phyfe 180s 60.4.1
Card table Q29383071 on Wikidata Charles-Honoré Lannuier 1817 1995.377.1
Coin cabinet Q29383557 on Wikidata 180s 26.168.77 insect


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Girandole Q95986487 on Wikidata 1817 1974.363.1 eagle
Girandole Q95986506 on Wikidata New England Glass Company 18th century 1982.215.1


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Celery vase Q29382887 on Wikidata Boston and Sandwich Glass Company 180s 1986.237 vase
Decanter Q29383068 on Wikidata 180s 1995.13 Benjamin Franklin


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Gloves Q29383398 on Wikidata 1824 C.I.46.59.15a, b Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette
Gloves Q100347759 on Wikidata 18th century 1984.148a, b


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Hat Q100706318 on Wikidata 18th century C.I.60.23.5
Hat Q100706562 on Wikidata 1811 2017.71
Hat Q100706563 on Wikidata 1806 2017.72
Hat Q100706564 on Wikidata 1811 2017.73


image article creator inception accession genre depicts
Jacket Q100380004 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.614
Jacket Q100695949 on Wikidata 18th century 2009.300.608

literary work[edit]

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