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Wikimedian in Residence[edit]

John Cummings was based at the museums from April 2013 until January 2014 and has worked to engage both members of staff and the public on topics relating to Wikimedia and open knowledge. John’s role included running workshops and outreach events to create a sustainable engagement with museum staff, volunteers and visitors. The aim was to help to build a long term relationship between the museums and the Wikimedia community. He worked with the museums to release content on their important and unique collections and develop methods for understanding Wikipedia’s impact on the public understanding of science.

  • The end of project report is available here

How to get involved[edit]

Multilingual virtual museum[edit]

We want to make it easier for people to access information in museums in their own language

We want to create the world’s first truly multilingual virtual museum to allow anyone with access to Wikipedia (including those people using Wikipedia Zero) to 'visit' the museum online and provide information for the 50% of Natural History Museum visitors speak languages other than English in their own language.


There are several letters that have been released from the Natural History Museum's collection and are available to transcribe on Wikisource:

A beginners guide to contributing to Wikisource


Saturday 19th October 2013 Trowel Blazers: Celebrate women in archaeology, palaeontology and geology – by creating and improving Wikipedia articles!

Join TrowelBlazers in a one-day Wikipedia editathon dedicated to improving the Wikipedia pages of key women in archaeology, palaeotology and geology. There will be practical training in how to edit a wikipedia page, support and resources on-hand to make editing easier, and we’ve even lined up a team of experts (biographers and historians) to give talks about trowelblazing women and to lend their expertise. This event is open to those new to Wikipedia and to experienced contributors. Female editors are especially encouraged to attend. Help us improve the visibility of a host of forgotten women in science! We can think of no better way to celebrate International Archaeology Day, Earth Science Week AND Ada Lovelace Day.

Improve articles relating to the history of science or the natural world[edit]

  1. Add images that the Science Museum has added to Wikimedia Commons to suitable articles
  2. Editing any article if you would like an image of something in either of the museum's collections it may be possible.

Natural History Museum[edit]

People related to the museums[edit]

Natural History Museum treasures exhibition objects[edit]
  • Alfred Russel Wallace’s insects
  • Archaeopteryx fossil
  • Barbary lion skull
  • The Birds of America book
  • Blaschka glass models
  • Broken Hill skull (rotates with Neanderthal skull)
  • Charles Darwin’s pigeons
  • Dodo skeleton
  • Dwarf elephant tooth
  • Emperor penguin egg
  • George Clifford’s herbarium sheet
  • Great auk
  • Guy the gorilla
  • Hans Sloane’s nautilus shell
  • Iguanodon teeth
  • Joseph Banks’ herbarium sheet
  • Moa bone fragment
  • Moon rock
  • On the Origin of Species book
  • Richard Owen painting
  • William Smith’s ammonites
  • Wold Cottage meteorite

Science Museum, London[edit]

Information Age Exhibition[edit]

General themes relating to the upcoming Information Age exhibition at the Science Museum.


Final case study report - [1]