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Which topics related to Open Access and Open Science should have their own articles on the English Wikipedia?[edit]

This page serves to gain an overview over existing and missing articles, categories and media pertaining to matters of open science, especially open access. It will be expanded based on feedback and critical evaluation of similar listings (e.g. the one in use at the Open Access Directory) and possibly evolve into the seed for a Task force on open science within the WikiProject Science. See also Please edit directly, rather than commenting on the talk page.

Open access[edit]

Main category: Category:Open access. Main article: Open access. See also commons:Category:Open Access.

Open access (general)[edit]

Declarations in support of Open access[edit]

Needs update and expansion

OA publishers[edit]

Main category: Category:Open access publishing companies. See also Category:Open content publishing companies and the list of OA publishers with at least one SPARC Europe seal. Main article: Open access publisher. Somewhat related lists are at UC Berkeley Library and on slide 5 of

Academic Journals[edit]

American Physical Society[edit]

Asian Network for Scientific Information[edit]

Bentham Open[edit]

BioMed Central[edit]


Company of Biologists[edit]

Copernicus Publications[edit]

Ecological Society of America[edit]

Genetics Society of America[edit]

Hindawi Publishing Corporation[edit]

See also Category:Hindawi Publishing academic journals.

Indian Academy of Sciences[edit]

Institute of Physics[edit]

Internet Scientific Publications[edit]

International Union of Crystallography[edit]

Medknow Publications[edit]

National Academies Press[edit]

Optical Society of America[edit]

Oxford University Press[edit]

Pensoft Publishers[edit]

Public Library of Science[edit]

Royal Society[edit]

SAGE Publications[edit]


Springer Open[edit]

Wiley Open Access[edit]

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology[edit]

Hybrid OA journals[edit]

Main category: Category:Hybrid open access journals. Main article: Hybrid open access journal.

Other OA journals[edit]

Main category: Category:Open access journals. See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Academic Journals/List of missing journals/DOAJ, Wikipedia:WikiProject Academic Journals/Journals cited by Wikipedia, Category:Creative Commons-licensed journals and Creative Commons licensed journals at DOAJ and journals with the SPARC Europe seal. Main article: Open access journal. See also List of open-access journals (very patchy, though). A comprehensive list is in DOAJ. The following is a selection of open access journals that are in some aspects unusual.

OA books[edit]

Main category: Category:Open access book publishers. Main article: Open access book.

OA business models[edit]

See also listings at SPARC. What else to add?


OA publishing[edit]

See also the Open Access Directory.


See also the arXiv Business Model White Paper.

OA repositories[edit]

Main category: Category:Open-access archives. Main article: Open access archive/ Open access repository/ Open-access archive/ Open-access repository. See also listings at the Open Access Directory.

Preprint archives[edit]
Postprint archives[edit]
Repository listings[edit]
Long-term preservation[edit]
Disciplinary repositories/ Subject repositories[edit]

See also Category:Repositories and Category:Disciplinary repository.

Institutional repositories[edit]

See also Category:Repositories and Category:Institutional repository.

Data repositories[edit]

See also Category:Repositories and Category:Data repository.

Open-source software for open access[edit]

OA events[edit]

See also listings at the Open Access Directory.

OA organizations and services[edit]

See also listings at the Open Access Directory.

OA licenses[edit]

See also

Detailed list at OAD

OA policies[edit]

See also listings at the Open Access Directory.

OA key persons[edit]

See also SPARC Innovator and listings at the Open Access Interviews.

Actually a disambiguation page, with PLoS' Mark Patterson not mentioned

Related articles[edit]

See also listings at the Open Access Directory.

Important non-OA journals[edit]

Other related topics[edit]

See also

OA media[edit]

This section will collect non-text media that could be used to illustrate articles on OA topics.

Templates related to Open Access[edit]

Further inspiration in {{Geodesy}} and similar

Open data[edit]

Main category: Category:Open data. Main article: Open data.

Open data (general)[edit]

Open data publishers[edit]

Open data journals[edit]

Open data repositories[edit]

Open data events[edit]

Open data organizations[edit]

Open data licenses[edit]

Open data key persons[edit]

Related articles[edit]

Open science[edit]

Main category: Category:Open science. Main article: Open science.

Open education[edit]

Main category: Category:Open education. Main article: Open education.

Open knowledge[edit]

Main category: Category:Open knowledge. Main article: Open knowledge.

Open content[edit]

Main category: Category:Open content. Main article: Open content.

Open-source software[edit]

Main category: Category:Open source. Main article: Open source.

Other open subjects[edit]

See also[edit]