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On 26 January 2019 the edit-a-thon in the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) takes place, organised by the Royal Library and volunteers from Wikipedia in Belgium, with the support from our partners during this public domain month.

If you make photos, please add them to this category: c:Category:Royal Library of Belgium edit-a-thon in Brussels, 26 January 2019


  • 09:45 – 10:00 > Welcome + coffee
  • 10:00 – 10:30 > Introduction | Tour Librarium expo about (Belgian) Public Domain authors
  • 10:30 – 11:15 > Introduction | Writing in Wikipedia & Overview suggested articles and images
  • 11:15 – 12:30 > Writing session
  • 12:30 – 13:30 > Lunch
  • 13:30 – 15:00 > Writing session
  • 15:30 – 16:00 > Recap
  • 16:00 – … Drinks (in a bar nearby)

Handy links[edit]


The (simplified) guidelines on Wikipedia, resting on the five pillars, include:


  • Use references to source facts in your article. Every section should have a reference, and about every two/three sentences need a reference. References can be used multiple times in an article.
  • Sign your messages in talk pages with ~~~~.

Please note: if you are an employee of the Royal Library, please do not edit the article about the Royal Library to avoid a Conflict of Interest.

New on Wikipedia?[edit]

First: welcome to Wikipedia!

Before you start writing, please keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • add to Wikipedia only knowledge that is suitable for an encyclopedia
  • add only material that is available under a free license or describe knowledge in your own words
  • describe the knowledge from a neutral point of view
  • add references and sources where the information can be found
  • do not write about your own organisation nor about yourself, a family member or your boss
  • do not describe new theories, new insights that have not been published widely
  • look at comparable subjects as examples of how it is done
  • use headers to structure an article
  • use internal links (links to other articles on Wikipedia in that language)
  • do not use links inline in the text, but only as reference or at the bottom of a page
  • avoid qualifications like "the best", "the most", "great" and write time specific (not: "last year", "coming month", etc., but: "on 10 April 2016")

Please start writing in your sandbox. The link to your personal sandbox you can find on top of every page (if you are logged in).

List of (suggested) articles[edit]

Person Occupation French English Dutch Wikidata
Ernest Van der Hallen writer elaborate Incomplete elaborate Q2637901
Jozef Simons writer, poet none Incomplete Incomplete Q2081609
Maria Elisa Belpaire writer none Incomplete elaborate Q1895714
Emiel Fleerackers writer none none elaborate Q2637798
J.-H. Rosny jeune writer elaborate Incomplete none Q3156733
Karel De Wolf writer, pharmacist none none elaborate Q2692790
Firmin Cuypers writer, journalist none none incomplete Q55824599
Henri Heuse polititian, historian none none Incomplete Q16069674
Hubert Van Houtte historian none none none Q15429128
Dieudonné Brouwers archivist, historian Incomplete none Incomplete Q2735498
André Fontainas poet, writer elaborate Incomplete none Q2016772
Marius Renard polititian, journalist weak none elaborate Q2357411
Eugène Lemaire photographer Incomplete Incomplete weak Q2460490
Jacques Feyder film director, screenwriter elaborate elaborate Incomplete Q122187
Michel Polak architect elaborate none elaborate Q1930875
Léon Sneyers architect elaborate none none Q3271333
Jean-Baptiste Dewin architect elaborate none elaborate Q3164022
Edouard Bilmeyer architect none none elaborate Q1913841
Pierre de Soete medallist, sculptor Incomplete none none Q17636704
Olivier Piette sculptor none none none Q21646463
Marcel Hess painter none none none Q21455743
Frédéric De Smet painter none none none Q21646695
Medard Tytgat painter, illustrator none Incomplete Incomplete Q1807852
Emile Lambrechts painter none none none Q22341341
Fernand Scouflaire painter none none none Q22666898
Marguerite Rousseau painter none none none Q41743788
José Gielis engraver none none none Q42404766
Pieter Stobbaerts painter none none none Q52150399
Aristide Capelle painter none none none Q55770647
Louise Danse painter, etcher Incomplete Incomplete none Q19594855
Edwin Ganz painter elaborate none elaborate Q2563542
Maurice Brocas printmaker, painter elaborate none Incomplete Q3388634
Henriette de Belgique princess, illustrator elaborate Incomplete Incomplete Q449622
Frans Nackaerts printmaker none none none Q21809338
Karel Candael composer none Incomplete Incomplete Q22955373

Image donations[edit]

Coordination & support[edit]