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Join us for the event!

About the event[edit]

There may be six UNESCO world heritage sites in Scotland, but there are also so many amazing places that are right in our back garden. In 2017, Dig It! ran six events on April 18, to celebrate those world heritage sites. Over the summer, they ran a competition to find Scotland's favourite "Hidden Gems". The six winners of the public vote were:

  • Govan Stones
  • Ardrossan Castle
  • James Watt's Cottage
  • Lincluden Collegiate Church
  • The Howff, Dundee
  • Campbeltown Picture House

Coverage of these sites on Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia projects, is not as extensive as it should be, and does not reflect the sum of knowledge held in the various local history collections of Scotland. In partnership with the Scottish Library and Information Council, this editathon will seek to redress that imbalance.

This will be the first editathon event for the new Wikimedian residency at SLIC. It provides an opportunity to partner with various local public library services in order to find good quality secondary sources which can be used to improve the on-wiki coverage of Scotland's history, heritage and archaeology. It also provides an opportunity to introduce history, heritage, archaeology and library/information professionals to learn more about Wikipedia/media and its usefulness for their sector.

No experience is necessary, as training will be given, and SLIC's Wikimedian in Residence Sara Thomas will be on hand to offer support.

The session is open to anyone, however it is primarily aimed at History, Heritage, Archaeology and Library students and professionals.

Govan Stones
Ardrossan Castle
James Watt's Cottage
Lincluden Abbey
The Howff
Campbeltown Picture House
How do I prepare?
  • Sign up for the event (see below)
  • Create a Wikipedia account
  • Bring a laptop (wi-fi will be provided - please bring photo ID if you'd like to sign up for an Edinburgh Library Card!)
  • Learn about editing if you like: Tutorial, or Getting started on Wikipedia for more information
  • Think about what you would like to edit about - you can even prepare some materials to bring with you on the day
  • Lunch will be provided


  • 10:00 - 10:15 - Housekeeping & welcome
  • 10:15 - 11:30 - Training
  • 11:30 - 13:30 - Edit!
  • 13:30 - 14:15 - Lunch
  • 14:15 - 16:00 - Edit!


Notes on today's sources[edit]

The Canmore record quoted after each of the articles includes a list of References; some of these are held within Edinburgh Central Library, others can be found openly available, as in the case of the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland - see below:

Hit list[edit]

This list is still under construction

Helpful updates could be as simple as: Making sure reference links are still appropriate and functional; Adding new inline citations/references; Adding a photo; Adding an infobox; Adding data to more fields in an existing infobox; Creating headings; Adding categories; etc.

Articles for creation[edit]

Govan Stones

  • n/a so far

Ardrossan Castle

James Watt's Cottage

  • n/a so far

Lincluden Collegiate Church

The Howff, Dundee

  • n/a so far

Campbeltown Picture House

Other hidden gems - need to be checked for notability

Articles for improvement[edit]

Govan Stones

Ardrossan Castle

James Watt Cottage

  • James Watt
  • Kinneil House - needs a section added wholly about James Watt's cottage & association with James Watt, section about the Antonine Wall, and pictures of the church,
  • John Roebuck - needs infobox, additional sources (no known portrait of Roebuck senior)
  • Falkirk Archives
  • Boulton & Watt archives
  • There are some old editions of Watt letters, including correspondence with Roebuck at Kinneil, available online:
  • Biographies of Watt: look for Muirhead, Smiles, and Andrew Carnegie. The most authoritative modern biography of Watt is in 3 volumes by Richard Hills. No proper biography of Roebuck, just a folksy history of the entire Roebuck dynasty by a descendant in the 1960s, Arthur Roebuck, called 'The Roebuck Story'..
  • Authoritative historical source about the Carron Iron Company, including Roebuck and Watt's role, is the excellent book by local historian Brian Watters, who like the Friends of Kinneil won a Scottish Heritage Angel Award at last year's ceremony for his work on the subject.

Lincluden Collegiate Church

The Howff, Dundee

Campbeltown Picture House

Other hidden gems


Articles created[edit]

Articles improved[edit]

Minor improvements made to the following:[edit]

More information about Wikipedia[edit]

Participants - Sign Up Here![edit]

Prior to the event:

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  3. Sign up! Add your Wikipedia User Name to this section by clicking the blue button below (follow instructions). Your name will be added to the bottom of this page
Don't worry! If you haven't edited Wikipedia before, we will help you on the day of the event - that's what it's all about. And have fun!