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Info about the event[edit]

The organisers of LGBTSTEMDay invite you to take part in a 'LGBTQ+STEM' Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. Join us to celebrate the LGBTQ+ people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that deserve a more prominent place in the online record!

Useful links[edit]

Click here to go to the Dashboard so we can log your involvement on the day!

Suggested Wikidata edits[edit]

If you'd like to edit Wikidata, take a look at WikiProject LGBT and especially the section "How can I help?"

Suggested Wikipedia biographies for creation[edit]

Be cautious of pronouns (he/him/his, she/her/hers, them/their/theirs), dead-naming someone (using their previous name prior to transition), or revealing personal information that may out somebody (i.e. reveal their sexuality w/o it being publicly known prior). If in doubt, use their surname rather than pronouns or avoid writing about their personal life.

To check notability guidelines for academics: Wikipedia:Notability_(academics)

Listed resources are not complete!

There are also lots of articles you can find to edit in the Wikipedia category for sexual orientation and science and here as suggested by the folks at Wikiproject LGBT Studies. And for some nice easy edits, check that all people are in the right categories, translate information between different language versions of Wikipedia (see the bar at the left of every article to find the different language versions), check that people and their research are mentioned on relevant pages, and check that biography articles are included on lists like these.

You can find advice on how to search for relevant sources on any scientist here.


Surveys and research[edit]

Resources to find information for profiles of LGBTQ+ scientists[edit]

Articles about LGBTSTEMDay[edit]

Articles written by or interviewing named LGBTQ+ scientists[edit]

  • (add more useful sources for editing here...)

Other relevant articles[edit]

Groups and initiatives[edit]

Wiki Loves Pride Health contest[edit]

You are invite to submit any articles related to LGBTQ+ health topics, broadly construed, to m:Wiki Loves Pride/2019/Health!

The contest period has been extended until July 31.

More useful links[edit]

Here are some more useful links to help you with your editing:

  • You can add pictures for use on Wiki-pages and beyond on Wikimedia Commons. Your Wikipedia account will work on Commons too - as well as all the other Wiki-projects and different language versions of Wikipedia.

See what a difference you're making[edit]

Here are some ways to keep track of your edits:

  • You can view all your contributions to Wikipedia by clicking "Contributions" (in the top right of this page).
  • The Pageviews tool is a great way of measuring how many people are looking at the page you created/edited. You can even export the data if you'd like it for reports, etc.