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Plan for a GLAMWiki-YMT Display Case[edit]

To showcase the partnership between YMT and Wikipedia, we are filling a display case in the foyer of the Yorkshire Museum with a diverse range of the trust's objects for linking with Wikipedia through QRpedia. There will be further text/illustration to explain the partnership.

Planned objects[edit]


A specimen of basaltic lava from Þingvellir

  • Relevant Wikipedia Articles:
    • Þingvellir - Place of discovery - Exists in 30+ languages
    • Althing - The roots of the Icelandic parliamant - Exists in 40+ languages
    • Pahoehoe section on Lava - Exists in 50+ languages
    • Graben - Fault valley - exists in 20+ languages (may need mentioning on Þingvellir
    • Tempest Anderson - Visited the spot and is photographed there - No translations (yet!)

Natural History[edit]




Studio Pottery[edit]