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Wikimedia GLAM - Yorkshire Network Project
This project will help Museums throughout the county engage with Wikipedia. It is hosted by York Museums Trust and Museum Development Yorkshire and supported by Wikimedia UK.

The project is running from July 2014 to July 2015 and is coordinated by Pat Hadley - PatHadley (talk · contribs). He can be contacted via or 01904 687662
Historic Yorkshire (1842)


The Yorkshire Network Project is the first GLAMwiki project to operate at a regional level, working with Museum Development Officers to give all sorts of Yorkshire Museums opportunities to engage with Wikipedia.

Aims of the project[edit]

The project hopes to build a self-sustaining network of skilled and knowledgeable museum professionals and Wikimedians that will continue to open up, use and disseminate information and media from collections across the county. Some of the steps toward this will be:

  • Research - finding out about the capacity, needs and ambitions of the 150 museums in the region.
  • Training - helping staff and volunteers understand how Wikipedia/Wikimedia works and how to collaborate with the editor community
  • Policy change - helping larger institutions understand how to integrate Open Culture practice/strategy into their digital work
  • Image donations - helping museums of any size make donations of Public Domain or collections imagery. This may involve digitisation support.
  • Innovation - exploring the opportunities that museums present themselves - such as uploading videos of living history, crafts or intangible heritage

Museums involved[edit]

Info for Museums' Staff[edit]

Getting your head around the world of Wikipedia can be tricky! For some introductory information, these two are great:

GLAMwiki is a global project to help Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums work with Wikipedia (and its fellow projects). There are some great pages to help you get started. For something a little more specific to the UK try: 10 Reasons your museum should engage with Wikipedia, written by Pat Hadley, the project coordinator.

More useful stuff can be found in this table.

Resources - Useful information about Wikipedia and GLAMwiki
Printable documents (colour copies available)
Welcome to Wikipedia, how things works, how to get started.
The GLAMwiki initiative boiled down to one page
What Wikimedia UK is, and what we have done over the past year.
Information about adding images/media to Wikipedia
Cheat sheet explaining basic Wikipedia code.
Creative Commons postcard explaining various CC licences.
Articles and longer documents
Wikipedia and Museums: Community Curation by Liam Wyatt
An excellent essay on GLAMwiki by the first ever Wikipedian in Residence
The herd, the crowd and the forum - Real participation online by Pat Hadley
A blog post putting GLAMwiki in a broader context
Museums & Wikipedia—a Two Year Update by Elizabeth Merritt
A blog post from the director of the Centre for the Future of Museums

Info for Wikipedians[edit]

Yorkshire has 150 museums that may participate (to some degree) in this project. We would love to have input from Wikipedians on the kinds of content, information or assistance Yorkshire's museums might provide. What gaps can we help with?

A Google spreadsheet of Yorkshire's museums with relevant details is a good place to start finding out more. Beyond that, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the Talk pages and keep an eye on these pages for more information.


June 2015[edit]

  • 26 - Social Media, Open web and Wikimedia meeting, University of York Department of Archaeology
  • 14 - York WikiMeet
  • 2 - First World War Regimental Museums Project Workshop, Royal Armouries, Leeds

May 2015[edit]

  • 29 - Workshop on GLAMwiki, Yorkshire FED Conference, York
  • 21 - Image-focused training session, Harrogate Museums
  • 14 - Meeting at Northern College, Barnsley - POSTPONED
  • 12 - Photography, digitisation and openness training at Burnby Park Museum, Pocklington - POSTPONED

April 2015[edit]

March 2015[edit]

February 2015[edit]

  • 18 - Culture in Numbers at Leeds Data Mill, Leeds
  • 12 - Training with YMT Fine art team
  • 6 - Meeting with Hepworth Wakefield team about Art+Feminism edit-a-thon
  • 6 - Phone meeting with Malton Museums team
  • 5 - Meeting Rotherham Museums Service team, Rotherham

January 2015[edit]

  • 30 - Half-day at Harrogate Museums running first image upload
  • 29 - Meet YMT Fine Art team about the Ismay Archive, York
  • 28 - Meeting with Museums Development team and Copyright advisers
  • 15 - Training event at the University of Northumbria with Shandy Hall staff

2014 Events[edit]