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Wikipedia always has a lot going on. This page is for news and updates about existing or new projects or initiatives of Wikipedians (i.e. new Collaboration articles, WikiProject help requests or announcements of success, backlogs that really need help, etc.)

Goings-on in the week starting Sunday, October 4, 2009

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4 October

A United States Department of Defence instrumental recording of "Anchors Aweigh", the song of the United States Navy. Music by Charles A. Zimmerman, with lyrics (not here used) by Alfred Hart Miles.

9 October

The first piece from Fernando Sor's Opus 30 Fantasia, a collection of pieces for classical guitar. Recording by Wikipedian Jujutacular.
A 1911 composition by Ted Snyder perfomed by Arthur Pryor's Band in the same year, in an arrangment by William Schulz.
Arthur Pryor's "That Flying Rag" performed by Arthur Pryor's Band in 1911. Arrangement by Louis-Philippe Laurendeau.

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