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In this lesson, I move to a vector software, either Inkscape (free) or an other. My objective is to add in a clean way —visually and within the SVG code— all the semantic layers. The semantic layers including: the legends' icons and labels, the map scale, north arrow, localizator, the topographic legend. Most of the time, they are simply drag&drop added using Inkscape, then resized and moved to the exact size and place you want. Stylistic edition can also be implemented.

Inkscape and cartography : an introduction[edit]

I will use Inkscape, which is a light software, free, cross platform, that many amateur graphists use, including most graphists on the Graphic Labs. For a general introduction to "Inkscape, Cartography within Wikipedia context", I very strongly encourage you the reading of File:Tutorial-cartography_(basic).svg. It's both a discussion about Cartography and a tutorial for SVG mapmaking which can be opened in Inkscape in order to do the various exercices includes all along. Also, it can be either simply read in 30mins ; or downloaded, opened in inkscape, and followed as a 2h course. When needing tips, there are tutorials online (Google is your friends!), and the Graphic Lab talkpage is always open to you : other graphists will share their tips, shortcuts, etc.

Compiling QGIS layers[edit]

Well! the first things to do now is to import your useful QGIS generated layers into Inkscape to edit them!

Open your topographic layer in Inkscape

Right click on the file > Open with > Inkscape (best way) or Open Inkscape > Drag&Drop file into Inkscape

Import other layers

Either :

  1. drag and drop the file into Inkscape, or...
  2. Open Inkscape > ...... ...
Resize the document


Layers: resize, position, align, group[edit]



Import the wiki-legend. Delete uneed things, blablabla

North arrow ?[edit]

Scale ?[edit]


Semantic preparation[edit]

I'm preparing my tools for the final result. Also, I both

  • prepare tools for encyclopedic subject I wish to cover : the legend with icons and labels
  • prepare the readability of the map itself : adding the correct scale, north arrow, localizator, topographic legend

See also[edit]


The table above has links to various tutorials and resources which can help in the creation of Wikipedia maps from digital georeferenced data (GIS).

For most of this things.drag&drop added using Inkscape, then edited.