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If only one source
Can be found for your subject
No article here.
Do not write about yourself
Deletion is near
Although it exists
Check to see it's notable
Or page disappears


In your username
May be no reference to
An obscenity
Choose your name wisely
It will stay with your edits
Bad names go bye-bye
Be careful, newbie
Decide your fate your name will
Change it you can, hrm?

Copyright violations[edit]

Content pages that
Violate a copyright
Will be deleted
No copy and paste
Google is not a good source
Tempting it may be
Taken from elsewhere 
This ten-page article dies 
Very easily

No personal attacks[edit]

If you say mean things
to others on or off site
you may be blocked fast.
Calling me a jerk
May seem like a lot of fun
Indefinite block!


Write your article
With reliable sources
That have been published.

Neutral point of view[edit]

Articles must not
Favor any one viewpoint
They must be neutral.

No original research[edit]

Facts in articles
You must attribute elsewhere
Not your own research.
These unsourced beliefs
like blossoms of cherry trees
will be swept away.
These unsourced beliefs
like blossoms of cherry trees
Which were not planted yet.

What Wikipedia is not[edit]

'Net encyclopedia
And not something else.

Wikipedia is not a crystal ball[edit]

Do not speculate
If it hasn't happened yet.
State facts, cite sources.

Wikipedia is not a travel guide[edit]

Cannot be a travel guide
That's Wikivoyage

Speedy deletion[edit]

Some articles may
Be deleted speedily
If nonsense or ads.
Complete gibberish
Will be deleted on sight,
Do not even try
Why are you famous?
If you cannot tell us soon
Article goes "bye!"
The Samurai moves
Very fast to cut the Bad
So must some Admins
No less than the leaves
Does every page of CSD
Expound the Dharma.

Three-revert rule[edit]

Revert once or twice
Or even a third time, but
Beware of the fourth

Ignore all rules[edit]

Ignore all the rules
Only if they do not work;
This is very rare.
As spiders spin webs,
So are the rules around here.
Be Bold. You're Allowed.
Sometimes one must just
Ignore all the rules so that
One can end a sentence.
Ignoring the Rules
Serves all users here best, When
Articles Strengthened
Even IAR
Has guidelines to be followed
Free reign it is not.


All that you write here
Is editable by all
And not you alone
As the Earth outlives
So must Wikipedia
That page is not yours.


Express your own view
But once we reach consensus
Agree to abide
In serenity
Everyone stops arguing.
That is consensus.
Sun comes after rain,
And all have stopped arguing.
This is consensus.

Sock puppetry[edit]

To yourself be true
So avoid playing with socks
Or even with meat

Biographies of living persons[edit]

Source, and be neutral
Always, but especially
About the living
careful, the living 
are jealous of articles 
so source - OH NOES! "BRAINS!"

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia[edit]

An Encyclopedia 
It is that simple

Don't be a jerk[edit]

Being a real jerk
Will probably get you banned
You can't lawyer this

List of Bad Article Ideas[edit]

Articles about
Your cute pet, your band, or you:
Very bad ideas


Countless bathroom walls
For you to scribble upon -
Except for this one


All text is licensed
Under the GFDL,
Free as in freedom
No Front-Cover Texts
No Invariant Sections
No Back-Cover Texts
Creative Commons
Attribute and Share-alike
is also offered

Wikipedia:Request for Adminship[edit]

!voting up, or down¡
candidate suffers great stress
from silly questions
RfA causes
People to freak out about
silly little things.
RfB? Drama.
If you so much as sneeze wrong,
good-bye supporters.

Countering systemic bias[edit]

Haiku (はいく) has three
Syllables in Japanese
But two in English.


Summer AFD
the sole remnant of many
editors' hard work.


The summer grasses.
I edit my user page
One last time - really.

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