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This project is superseded by WikiProject Hong Kong

This page is a notice board for things particularly relevant to Hong Kong Wikipedians or any Wikipedian interested in developing the quality of Hong Kong-related articles. Please remove articles from this notice board once they have been dealt with appropriately. This noticeboard is meant to function alongside WikiProject Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Collaboration of the Month
Every month, a Hong Kong-related topic, stub or nonexistent article is picked to be the Hong Kong Collaboration of the Month.

The current COTM is Geography of Hong Kong for March, 2007
edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:HK wikipedians' notice board:
  1. Come and Help the organisation of Chinese Wikimedia Conference 2006 Hong Kong Taskforce! (In Chinese)
  2. Come and join Wikimedia Hong Kong, a local organization gathering all HK wikipedians in different languages!

/Complete to do list edit this list

To create

To improve



On expansion requests

To translate

To complete

Image requested *Hollywood Road (The pic of today's and that of the old days') (if possible, a shot of The World of Susie Wong the best)

Ongoing discussions

On Peer Review



  • Mid-levels(see below for details.)
  • Vitasoy (see whether the stub template can be removed; more improvement required)


  • standardise HK-related stubs
  • Hong Kong maps (18 districts)


  • rewrite 18 districts
/Complete to do list



If you are from Hong Kong, or interested in things related to Hong Kong, please join us. To add your name without the usual time stamp, use 3 tildes (~~~) instead of 4.

  1. Actel in Manchester, England
  2. Andrew Eng in Tai Po, currently in Dublin, Ireland
  3. Arbiteroftruth in United States (Born in Hong Kong, and knows about Hong Kong events and places)
  4. Alexander Man in Tai Po
  5. Brantonli in Surrey, England Born and lived in Hong Kong for 13 years, went to England for overseas study, comes back to HK during holidays.
  6. Camino in Causeway Bay
  7. Cougarwalk from Happy Valley, Hong Kong, now at Ottawa, Canada
  8. Chris_de_Sousa in Macau
  9. CrossTimer in Tseung Kwan O
  10. Daniel So in Shatin
  11. Deadkid dk formerly in Happy Valley, now in Vancouver, Canada.
  12. Deryck Chan in Lam Tin
  13. Dieboybun born in Hong Kong, currently in Phoenix, Arizona.
  14. Doc spacey from Hong Kong
  15. DP5480 in Tseung Kwan O
  16. D. Tsang in Canada (formerly from Hong Kong)
  17. Dubliner in Pokfulam; Malaysian Chinese born and raised in Hong Kong
  18. Dylanwhs roots in Kuk Po but born in England
  19. Enochlau in Sydney, Australia
  20. Eraser78 born in Hong Kong, studied in Singapore, currently in Seattle,USA
  21. Felix Wan from Hong Kong, now in Los Angeles
  22. frankshfung from Hong Kong, studied in the US and UK
  23. Fuzheado in Pokfulam
  24. Gniw (Wing) from Kwun Tong/Kwai Chung, now living in Toronto, Canada
  25. GrandCru in United States
  26. Granzo from To Kwa Wan, Kowloon.
  27. Hello World! in East Kowloon.
  28. Herbal Lemon in North Point
  29. Hinto in Canada; born and raised in HK
  30. Hong Qi Gong from Hung Hom and Sha Tin, moved to US, then back to North Point, currently in US
  31. Insanephantom from Sha Tin
  32. Instantnood in Kornhill, Quarry Bay
  33. ItsMine in Hong Kong
  34. Ivy ST from Yuen Long, now in Ithaca, New York
  35. Jefferry in Yuen Long
  36. JELLYfishBELLY in Shatin
  37. Joetsuihk in Mei Foo
  38. Jsw663 from Hong Kong with... international exposure.
  39. Junglizt1210 in Bristol, United Kingdom
  40. Jerry Mang in Discovery Bay
  41. Jerry Yuyu in Sham Shui Po
  42. K.C. Tang from Fanling
  43. was from Diamond Hill, now in Singapore
  44. Larry in Hong Kong
  45. little Alex in Lam Tin
  46. Ondog in Quarry Bay
  47. Lapin rossignol in Tseung Kwan O
  48. Leeyc0 in Tsing Yi
  49. LeoX in Tin Shui Wai
  50. Luke in Vancouver, Canada
  51. lymphocyte in Hong Kong
  52. minghong in Sai Ying Pun
  53. mintchocicecream in either Discovery Bay, HK or Bath, UK.
  54. Narold in Kwai Chung, born in Birmingham, UK.
  55. N0N4am0r in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  56. Novacatz in North Point
  57. Nxn 0405 chl in Tsing Yi
  58. Patrickov in Tsuen Wan
  59. Paul Christensen in Hong Kong
  60. PeregrineAY in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from HK
  61. Peterwhy in Heng Fa Chuen
  62. Plop in Tseung Kwan O
  63. Pkchan in Chai Wan
  64. Privacy in North Point
  65. PZFUN in Tsing Yi
  66. Ron Lau in Tai Po
  67. Salt Yeung in Sheung Shui and Sai Wan
  68. SchmuckyTheCat Seattle, frequent travel to Beijing and Hong Kong.
  69. Shingrila in Kowloon Bay and Pokfulam
  70. Shinjiman in Ma On Shan, Shatin
  71. Shrimp wong in Shatin
  72. Simon Shek in Hung Hom
  73. Sir Luis from Tai Po, current location: Singapore
  74. Sir Studieselot in Vancouver, Canada, parents from Hong Kong.
  75. Splee from Shatin
  76. Sunny H.S. Li in North Point
  77. Tdxiang,Singapore,TVB fan
  78. Terence Ong, Singapore. Likes to travel to Hong Kong.
  79. Tom Murphy, Stanley, HK and Florida USA
  80. Theorb on Cloud View Road in North Point, Hong Kong
  81. Tex
  82. Tommy Lam in Sha Tin
  83. Typhoonchaser in Sheung Shui
  84. Soul1337
  85. Umofomia in the United States... haven't been back to HK in over 20 years though
  86. W.F. Siu in Diamond Hill
  87. Winhunter in Hong Kong
  88. ysw1987 in Kwun Tong
  89. Dianwen in Tuenmun, Hong Kong
  90. Zachkchk in Sheung Wan
  91. 84denniswong in North Point

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