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The following participants have signed up as members of WikiProject Highways. If you wish to participate, feel free to add your username to the table below using the coding below. You can also add {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Highways/Userbox}} to your user page. The status of being an admin is for reference only, if you need help from an admin familiar with highway topics.

|{{user|your username}}
|Admin (Yes if you are, otherwise leave blank)
|Status (on Wikipedia)
|Other notes (please keep this brief!)
User Admin Status Countries Other notes
Mark_Jhomel (talk · contribs) Active Philippines Experties is in the Philippine Highway Network
Wacdan (talk · contribs) Switzerland
Tatiraju.rishabh (talk · contribs) Active India Focus on Indian National Highways
Haljackey (talk · contribs) Active Canada Focus on 400-Series Highways and roads in Ontario
Chuq (talk · contribs) Yes Australia
Spikey (talk · contribs)
TakuyaMurata (talk · contribs)
Vaoverland (talk · contribs) United States Note: Vaoverland has passed away; his name is being kept here in his memory.
Rschen7754 (talk · contribs) Yes Active United States Helping to develop infrastructure worldwide
Rickyrab (talk · contribs) United States (talk · contribs) Yes
RingtailedFox (talk · contribs) Canada
O (talk · contribs) China and United States
Wiki ian (talk · contribs) Australia
AtholM (talk · contribs) Australia
Thisisbossi (talk · contribs) United States
Laydan Mortensen (talk · contribs) New Zealand
Ont (talk · contribs) Turkey
NHRHS2010 (talk · contribs) United States
Seighean (talk · contribs) Ireland
Synchronism (talk · contribs)
Filippo83 (talk · contribs) Italy (Venetia)
Cycle~ (talk · contribs) England
mfa_fariz (talk · contribs) Indonesia
Hezery99 (talk · contribs) Malaysia
Sal73x (talk · contribs) Italy (Sicily)
Danielk2 (talk · contribs) Denmark
Paalappoo (talk · contribs) India
Nima Farid (talk · contribs) Iran
Sarah777 (talk · contribs) Ireland
Tckma (talk · contribs) United States
Advanstra (talk · contribs) Australia
Vdiest (talk · contribs) South Africa
Linkqer (talk · contribs) Australia
Tomobe03 (talk · contribs) Croatia
Dead3y3 (talk · contribs) Greece
Naveenpf (talk · contribs) India
Admrboltz (talk · contribs) Yes United States
Fredddie (talk · contribs) United States Watching for unassessed articles
Imzadi1979 (talk · contribs) Active United States Set up the regional task forces, working on other projects to revitalize and expand the project
Floydian (talk · contribs) Active Canada Mostly involved with Ontario roads, helping revitalize Canadian Roads WikiProject
Dough4872 (talk · contribs) Active United States Working on improving articles in the US in addition to some input for other countries
Aleksandr Grigoryev (talk · contribs) Active Roads in Ukraine, expansion of the subject
Theking17825 (talk · contribs) Active United States Mostly involved with U.S. roads, but can work on anything
thakaran (talk · contribs) Greece
Pepper (talk · contribs) Active Canada, United States
Pigsonthewing (talk · contribs) Active United Kingdom
Vlaams243 (talk · contribs) Active United States
jay8g (talk · contribs) Active US
Kennyman5540 (talk · contribs) Active US, New England
Fortguy (talk · contribs) Active United States United States, Mexico
Peetlesnumber1 (talk · contribs) Active United States Eager to work with this project. Mainly Roads in PA, NJ, DE, NY, and ME. But can help anywhere if needed.
Morriswa Active United States Updating and editing various Interstate, U.S. Highway, state road, and Florida county road pages
kj plma (talk · contribs) Active Philippines Creating a page for every Radial/Circumferential Roads in the Philippines
Evad37 (talk · contribs) Active Australia Focused on Perth and Western Australia
DadrianT,Esq (talk · contribs) Active Britain, Commonwealth, and former 13 British Colonies in USA Originally majored in architecture and town planning to work in Britain and the Commonwealth, but had a head injury shortly after qualifying at 15 causing me to become obsessed with highways and transportation aspects for the whole of my subsequent working career of 50 years, from which I retired 2 years ago. I am an Esquire of the Royal Division, and a Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.
Videomaniac29 (talk · contribs) Active New Zealand Eager to see more representation of NZ roads on Wikipedia.
Kirananils (talk · contribs) Active India Updating of the highways are reassigned
TCN7JM (talk · contribs) Active United States Four Good Articles from Kansas, will work wherever needed, but am not sure of standards outside the USA
Nbound (talk · contribs) Active Australia Mainly focused on ACT/Sthn NSW.
Prabash.A (talk · contribs) Status Active Canada I know quite a bit about the major highways here and there on the eastern half of the country.
Blurred203 (talk · contribs) Active United States Particularly interested in gnomish edits, but also interested in representation of roads through the middle of the U.S.
Bloonstdfan360 (talk · contribs) Active United States, Taiwan
Thewombatguru (talk · contribs) Active The Netherlands
pmelton87 (talk · contribs) Active United States, Central Asia
Shadow Caster One (talk · contribs) Active Romania Primarily working on motorway pages at the moment
TagaSanPedroAko (talk · contribs) Sometimes active Philippines Adds and standardizes road junction lists ,particularly on Philippine road articles.
Martinus Kundla (talk · contribs) Active Estonia Currently working on Estonian highway pages and standardizing them to this project
Audi1merc2 (talk · contribs) Active Bulgaria Making 2nd Class roads from Bulgaria.
DraconicDark (talk · contribs) Active United States, Germany Currently working on articles about German motorways
Tren Ligero GDL (talk · contribs) Active Mexico, United States I like all roads that i travel through
TextClick (talk · contribs) Active United States, Canada I mostly edit articles relating to United States roads.
Mccunicano (talk · contribs) Active Japan, United States I'm currently working on expanding the English language content of Japanese highways and expressways. I also maintain some content from the United States, especially in the Atlanta area.