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This is the Hall of Fame for the Harmonious Editing Club. It aims to list articles which have had substantive disagreements solved by mutually respectful dialogue, creating an end-result agreeable to all sides.

  • Talk:Pokemon Chronicles - an argument over content is cooled and solved with the injection of fresh ideas and a look at Wikipedia:Neutral point of view
  • Talk:Ebonics - some nasty exchanges involving users who seemed to think a description of African American English titled Ebonics was part of a Wikipedia plot to demean black people; discussion ended without resolution, until a calm exchange occurred, almost immediately resulting in a compromise that has suited all sides
  • Talk:Singapore - a user fights the good fight against a vandal, seemingly alone, only to find himself restricted by the three revert rule; he has faith in the system, which works, and the vandal is beaten back without breaking the rules
  • Talk:Russian humour - page has seen a number of disagreements and discussions, all of which remained amicable and have resulted in an informative article
  • Talk:American and British English differences - has seen a wide variety of discussion on a topic that can provoke heartfelt differences, but editing has remained cool and calm, and the article is quite informative
  • Talk:Nigger - another very controversial topic that has resulted in much discussion, all of it more or less amicable, and combining to create an interesting article on an important subject
  • Talk:Rock and roll - much discussion, all of it productive
  • Talk:Boy Scouts of America - gays and lesbians and atheists and non-theistic Unitarians, oh my! Peaceful editing all around, however
  • Talk:Holocaust (disambiguation) - a discussion about the relative merits of different uses of the word Holocaust; though at times tense, editing never got into true acrimony