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Welcome to the Wikipedia Help Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is a monthly archive index. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below, please ask new questions on the current Help desk page.

December 1[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 1

  1. Youngest admin?

December 2[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 2

  1. Dealing with images
  2. Dealing with images
  3. Magic word for user name?
  4. Most In-line references
  5. ditting Dispute
  7. What should I name this article to distinguish it from others?
  8. Different language, same article interelationship
  9. How to delete
  10. How do I edit a list of links?
  11. evert a redirect
  12. How to determine efficiently the title by means of the version id?
  13. What?
  14. How to filter "articles only" in Wikipedia XML dumps?
  15. Get an XML version of an article through Special:Export by using the version id only?
  16. Bocked IP
  17. html code

December 3[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 3

  1. Speedy delete?
  2. My References are not accepted
  3. eferences
  4. ntitled Question
  5. My article doesn't appear
  6. Image licensing
  7. how to add a listing to a category
  8. Asking about processor
  9. Images from other websites?
  10. Using "director videos" from YouTube as sources/references...yay or nay?
  11. How do I know the information is true and correct?
  12. Translating pages
  13. wiki pipe syntax in an Apache software v2 licensed project
  14. Where's the best place to ask about an article (besides its talk page)
  15. What happened to Special:My Contributions?
  16. MAIL
  17. Skeleton for starting assessment department
  18. infobox div / Edit link alignment
  19. way to tell when a category has a new member
  20. "Silicon" page doesn't appear to print properly
  21. Picture of the day
  22. system integrity

December 4[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 4

  1. OGG
  2. Someone merged an article that I opposed on the talk page - what can I do?
  3. pam?
  4. Edit Summary
  5. Wrong name on article - but can I prove it?
  6. can I talk to an IP whose address keep changing?
  7. Wikipedia has a problem.
  8. Edit section link
  9. User editing own bio
  10. Numerous edits
  11. Creating another disambiguation
  12. Change Name from Michelemoore to MicheleMoore
  13. radio
  14. Skins
  15. Dealing with .ogg files
  16. Which kind of pages Wikipedia counts to achieve 1.5 million articles?
  17. can i use picture/images
  18. help me what to do now
  19. rss feeds
  20. Watchlists and logs
  21. hydralic formulas
  22. can any buddy explain it?
  23. Deleting others' comments on one's own talk page
  24. Adding a Category to an article without adding the article to a Category?
  25. Tips for working on multiple sister projects?
  26. A question about tables
  27. deleting a page that has since been redirected to correct page
  28. new article
  29. helicopter parents
  30. Those funky table thingies.
  31. Where can one ask for more people to edit an article?
  32. External Links
  33. The Thursturain Chronicles
  34. ever Mind...
  35. HELP
  36. Add anonymous contributions to my user account?
  37. edlinks
  38. New Article and No Original Research Question
  39. Where to lodge a complaint
  40. Figure not right
  41. untitled question
  42. My contribution
  43. Reference Needed
  44. eferences

December 5[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 5

  1. Dealing with a dead link
  2. 3RR in regards to speedies
  3. font size
  4. References/Page Numbers
  5. Deleting My Account
  6. erging History
  8. Proper format?
  9. Moving a Subpage
  10. Special:Filepath
  11. chlorination
  13. edits to since deleted articles
  14. VFD (I think thats what its called)
  15. creating my userpage
  16. edit external links
  17. uestion About Removing Links on other programs
  18. Enfamil
  19. Statitistics on paticular pages or search terms
  20. Where'd that box come from?
  21. Cannot log on
  22. A tracker
  23. stadium
  24. nfo has disappeared from page
  25. alk pages
  26. eader text

December 6[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 6

  1. Editing (spacing) question
  2. errors on "Knight" entry page
  3. Importing Maple 10 Workbook
  4. Ellipsis
  5. About the programs in the university
  6. My Watchlist
  7. tatement
  8. The Road Less Travelled
  9. Citing sources previously cited
  10. AFD discussion template
  11. Maurice 1900-2000
  12. Removal of vandalism warning and other negative comments from user's talk page
  13. image portrait/landscape problem
  14. How to get our organisation listed?
  15. Sending and Receiving messages
  16. [Final Fantasy XI]] is somehow listed in Cleanup templates
  17. Effecting a CfR
  18. Short Story Analysis
  19. Huge table
  20. Infobox Template Help
  21. ategories
  22. mage Tags
  23. How????
  24. Thanks
  25. dits not showing
  26. WikiProject banners
  27. Hmm...
  28. Also
  29. Fair Use Image Licence
  30. Infobox
  31. Mediocre response to a poll
  32. Encyclopedia?
  33. New topics
  34. Album and song articles
  35. copyedit tag runs over?

December 7[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 7

  1. Uploading a Picture
  2. Where's the right place to ask about specific articles?
  3. revert
  4. Indirect references
  5. Posting poetry in justified columns
  6. What is the copyright status of the User namespace?
  7. Can edit history be removed?
  8. Watch list questions
  9. Can I record Vocals?
  10. Parental controls on wikipedia
  11. How to become a moderator?
  12. How can I get information about Goverment Grants with having a credit card
  13. Cannot edit text I added
  14. Hooge (hallig) vs Hooge, Germany
  15. Links
  16. CatScan, toolserver, argh
  17. hiva vandalism
  18. Protect or Semi-Protect an article
  19. WP:CFDS
  20. Problems seeing locator maps in infobox
  21. Using Academic Sources
  22. Login successful, but then "Not logged in"
  23. Does Psychology/rewrite need to be deleted or turned into a redirect?
  24. link to image on commons
  25. Can an edit history be transferred to a page that already exists?

December 8[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 8

  1. Author?
  2. Lower and Upper Case
  3. ochin estuary
  4. nothing to edit in "edit this page"
  6. Edit the Size of the Edit-Pane
  7. Editing: Keyboard Shortcuts?
  8. "I'm busy in real life" template
  9. pload
  10. changing my password
  11. taking songs from ipod to computor
  12. Contractions
  13. Spell Checker?
  14. The naming of disambiguation pages
  15. Figures of Light Entry
  16. German picture into English lemma
  17. After several tries, I can't get the email confirmation to work Chris Follows 15:24, 8 December 2006 (UTC)
  19. Adding <a name=> Tag (ANSWERED)
  20. Some other part of the article
  21. Some other article
  22. Whoops, sorry
  23. Lang Michener LLP Posting
  24. Hmm
  25. fix it
  26. Um
  27. rticle
  28. geek
  29. how will I know my page is approved?

December 9[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 9

  1. sign in
  2. ames bond parodies
  3. why delete?
  4. My Upload
  5. I need help
  6. usa patriot
  7. Categories
  8. A Page Full of External Links
  9. Getting full (rather than subset) of category contents on single page
  10. Spam, spyware in Wiki Link.
  11. iki syntax
  12. info
  13. Blocking Malicious Spammers
  14. Using Wikipedia/Commons images?
  15. nternet connectivity Gprs
  16. editing already posted text
  17. Log-in Issues Related to Satellite Modem
  18. author
  19. how do you create pages?
  20. Every time i edit a Moderator will change it back
  21. Article contributors/administrators
  22. username
  23. who has final oversight over edits?
  24. Broken bot?
  25. start medicare
  26. uggesting a merge
  27. your NSDAP page
  28. Two IP edit warriors
  29. ysterious Template for Deletion
  30. ASA

December 10[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 10

  1. Remove Picture
  2. Changing an Article Name
  3. Parameter values through nested templates
  4. New article
  5. urning URLs into sources
  6. This sounds nuts but???
  7. What Does <br/> & <br/> Do?
  8. div
  9. Reverting a Image that has been changed
  10. giving credits for information
  11. What percentage of users (roughly speaking) register with their real names?
  12. What Does <tt> & <tt/> Do?
  13. What Does <br> & <br/> Do?
  14. IPA Pronunciation instruction on article pg
  15. Image Use
  16. sending
  17. POV and AfD
  18. External links to blogs
  19. Uploading
  20. User Page as Sandbox?
  21. logging in
  22. Keyboard Thingy
  23. creating a biography
  24. ALSO
  25. Add Jackpin to Wikipedia
  26. Ongoing problems with wikipedia?
  27. Help Me My Template Doesn't Work
  28. eird redirect problem
  29. moving
  30. math rendering in Firefox
  31. agalog
  32. FILM article
  33. diting article on sister
  34. Current discussion at Virtual classroom
  35. See How the people who stalk me on line will not let me search your site?
  36. What is the approximate size of the entire wikipedia database?

December 11[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 11

  1. con
  2. Posting Pics On The Top Of The Page
  3. Audio files on wikipedia
  4. con
  5. My Uploaded Files Not Recognized?
  6. Writing articles about your own site
  7. isplay issue
  8. links to dates
  9. Multiple uploads
  10. just wrote my first article
  11. pronunciation
  12. Transsexual
  13. Translate Article
  14. mail
  15. Deleting an entry
  16. Missing edit/How to "talk" on a page
  17. How to I add myself to various categories of wikipedian?
  18. Articles with similar names to existing articles
  19. Category link not working
  20. Suggestion
  21. Unsourced article tagged by SmackBot has beeen repaired. What happens next?
  22. reating a page
  23. [Portal:Spaceflight]]
  24. hair problem
  25. Deleting My Account
  26. Finance question: Which reference disk?
  27. Add an edit to my Watchlist
  28. mecury messenger of the gods logo
  29. Guidance in contacting our Congressman
  30. Problem logging in
  31. Sourcing a modified image
  32. Incorrect Information
  33. Bogota Clumbia

December 12[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 12

  1. ant reply
  2. How to find the number of articles in a category
  3. Template
  4. new category
  5. Last Approved Revision
  6. eb TV
  7. (top)
  8. How hard is it to get someone to second my complaint about an admin?
  9. edirect
  10. Proofreaders needed
  11. Another page for my userpage
  12. Italics
  13. atelite pictures
  14. Accused of vandalism!
  15. how can i enter a new topic into wikipedia?
  16. Ariakkath MAna
  17. How does one save a Wikipedia Web Page?
  18. OSM
  19. Link to e-mail address?
  20. talic text and signatures
  21. kojo williams on the school of excellence academy.
  22. Getting Started
  23. Search engine summary
  24. Best place to pursue an RfC on copyvio/legal issue?
  25. MCO
  26. Wiki stopped working

December 13[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 13

  1. about herb & spices
  2. HELP Invalid confirmation code. The code may have expired.
  3. How to create a section of text that must be kept together as one word?
  4. Deleting user
  5. History of the board game Monopoly
  6. Martin Lawrence Show
  7. itations
  8. Corrections to the article title
  9. Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties of India
  10. Love By Design name/title change to upper/lower case
  11. can't update article talk page
  12. Bots
  13. How do I create an article?
  14. Moving article from en-version to da-version
  15. tech help
  16. logging in
  17. Edit removals
  18. epentent sockpuppets
  19. Unable to write an article in Vikipedia as the interface is too complicated.
  20. Then Just What IS a 'User Name'?
  21. Creating or editing maps
  22. Number of article views
  23. links
  24. Citing an Interview?
  25. Categorizational Sorting
  26. Including video in an article, what template to use?
  27. Sign-in confirmation email appears to work, then can't login
  28. Molson Cup Toronto Maple Leaf Winners
  29. Editor can't see Wikipedia anymore
  30. My post was put as vandalism
  31. anthony walker
  32. Easily targeted pages

December 14[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 14

  1. isambiguation
  2. Penelope Cruz
  3. "say where you got it"
  4. Image vandalism
  5. A fresh pair of eyes (and a calculator) on Women's suffrage [1]
  6. Warwick, Queensland
  7. Multi-way merge and upgrade
  8. Are WP:3 decisions binding?
  9. Work cited
  10. searching for deleted page
  11. hotos and Wikimedia Commons
  12. What happened to Wikipedia? it looks funky?
  13. How to Align Userboxes on the Right
  14. What is the user page and my talk page?
  15. Inappropriate word
  16. Hello My Dear Colleagues
  17. Photo
  18. Mail list
  19. How I can place a photo?
  20. I want to place a photo on Papo Lucca article
  21. Helicopter Anatomy
  22. here are my bloody edits?
  23. wu
  24. Upload pdf
  25. Administrator abuse.
  26. a news event
  27. Who is the Web Manager of Wikipedia
  28. disabling editing from non or newly registered users
  29. Forgotten Edit Summary
  30. How do I revert articles?
  31. A shortcut key
  32. cannot edit Hurriyet
  33. Help with links
  34. My own pictures of a celebrity

December 15[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 15

  1. Is there any problem with TOCs?
  2. Auto-subst all existing transclusions of a template?
  3. What Does moz Mean?
  4. Airports in India
  5. ML Programming
  6. echnology...
  8. how to change my password??
  9. vandalism
  10. Help
  11. uploading images
  12. unnamed question
  13. Member Authorization
  14. Reporting possible bug
  15. Editing page's content
  16. Is it possible to search for specific usernames?
  17. Changing author listed in page history
  18. here to discuss technical limitations of Wiki?
  19. "." Error Msg During Image Upload
  20. What's the longest article on wikipedia?
  21. Fair use for scientific figure

December 16[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 16

  1. What's happening here - is a user receiving vandal warning for making constructive edits?
  2. rticle creation
  3. edit Neuromuscular disease page or new page
  4. Sorting by Month on Category pages
  5. List of Users
  6. nfo on templates?
  7. Help Requested
  8. How Can I Delete My Account?
  9. english
  10. use of punjabi and hindi fonts
  11. Offline?
  12. Possible Plagiarism
  13. Capitalization dispute
  14. Userboxes
  15. recent changes
  16. New here
  17. Finding non-linked uses
  18. Image replacement
  19. Closing XFD debates
  20. Editing title
  21. lagging Articles?

December 17[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 17

  1. Creating a page in wikipedia namespace
  2. how do i?
  3. Adding comments to the edit
  4. Authorising use in public domain
  5. Missing Article
  6. Help “un” orphaning
  7. rticle with wrong name
  8. High resolution fair use image
  9. Adding to Wikipedia
  10. very stupid question from non-html editing person
  11. you have a message notification/ doesn't go away
  12. What is an ED troll?
  13. creating an entry
  14. Propose an edit to Special:Upload
  15. Deletion
  16. deleting account
  17. orgot password...
  18. indef block rules?
  19. download
  20. t. etna eruption violence
  21. Whats the box that says You can give the gift of knowledge?
  22. I have 2 questions

December 18[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 18

  1. Where can I report an editor who is posting abusive and threatening comments in edit summaries?
  2. A Really Snappy User Page/Talk Page
  3. large number of lists of questionable validity
  4. Creating and editing maps
  5. editing
  6. Copyright problem: Junaid Jamshed
  7. opyvio?
  8. Help
  9. Change in behavior in "expandable" navboxes
  10. Image:Alexis Bledel.jpg
  11. question about images
  12. How to continue an archived help desk thread?
  13. Continuing 12/13: "Sign-in confirmation email appears to work, then can't login"
  14. printer-friendly Wikipedia?
  15. Long lines, no formatting.
  16. May have missed the FAQ answer
  17. how to write a letter an hospitals adminstrators for help
  18. Ultramarines Dreadnaught
  19. Destination path for uploaded image files
  20. wikipedia
  21. wikipedia
  22. finding content of deleted pages
  23. Show/hide
  24. Please advise on this issue
  25. Wikipedia Search Toolbar
  26. Mainspace sandbox
  27. needed script
  28. Old (dead) sources
  29. How to enter a discussion of an entry being considered for deletion

December 19[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 19

December 20[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 20

  1. Image Names with Underscores
  2. Logging in
  3. act tags question ANSWERED
  4. Guide to templates?
  5. IRC
  6.  %#@$&
  7. Goof sections.
  8. uestion about proposed deletion process
  9. how do i create a page in wikipedia
  10. Inappropriate articles in category
  11. Collating sequences of double-barrelled & split surnames in categories etc...
  12. Template for a Customized (Alphabetized) table
  13. deleting images, changing copyright options
  14. How does one find out the date their account was made?
  15. Copyright for a composite map
  16. Ucc form for filing a lien on property
  17. Translations in the English Wikipedia
  18. What is the name of the fund raiser software you guys are using?
  19. Refs gone funny...
  20. where is the create a page
  21. table of contents
  22. 20 of december 1989

December 21[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 21

  1. Mobile Wikipedia
  2. math rendering in Firefox
  3. Distributing Text
  4. dogs name
  5. How do I correct spelling mistakes on Head Title of aritcles?
  6. Article submitted Nov. 16 still not showing up
  7. rotection
  8. mages
  9. nexpected change?
  10. Benjamin Netanyahu article, artistic picture, but not a fiting one.
  11. Editing a page
  12. An Analytical Study on Assessing Human Competencies Based on Tests
  13. Copyright vio--deleted from website?
  14. Category:Broken_redirects_for_speedy_deletion
  15. Wikipedia Page Layout
  16. Bullet Points in Infoboxes
  17. auto language select and audio reading of wiki
  18. Wikipedia:Requested articles is a bit confusing
  19. Adding a link
  20. Mearging articles
  21. riprap
  22. Way to sync my own MediaWiki site with WIkipedia content?
  23. United States presidential election, 2008
  24. Category Help
  25. Any advice on how to handle this?
  26. pillars of creation lost

December 22[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 22

  1. Signature name
  2. Browser Compatability Problem?
  3. Controlling the table of contents
  4. user name
  5. diting pages
  6. Susan Johnson needs disambiguation
  7. Artcile ID
  8. Page move: target already exists.
  9. who were the zorastarians
  10. Rules on illegal content
  11. Help (watchlist question)
  12. Change Submission Title
  13. Policies on links to files
  14. Medical expenses incurred abroad
  15. Infobox position
  16. Duplicate articles
  17. Helping identify image issues
  18. Recent posting under the name Analog Ear
  19. Hi Question about youtube
  21. Deleteing relevant RS cites without discussion
  22. Images and access
  23. Problems with graphics anchoring
  24. Edit problem within sections on WP:RD/H

December 23[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 23

  1. Help Changing Title Information...
  2. ew Page
  3. Saving articles
  4. Question marks where text cannot be displayed: affects editing?
  5. New Policy?
  6. #Vandalism-en-wp
  7. Software problem?
  8. Possibly Controversial Essay
  9. How do I start?
  10. Numbers
  11. Indian states
  12. Cant post a Video link on Ehud Olmert page
  13. Popular Queries
  14. Deleted article?
  15. Information about films in production
  16. Referencing a Talk Page to Group Multiple Sources into One
  17. Proposal for a New Wiki

December 24[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 24

  1. Error on Line 3787
  2. submission
  3. Images from Internet sites for fair use
  4. Inserting a logo
  5. What are the green and red numbers?
  6. How Do I get..
  7. The red and green numbers in brackets
  8. **** template won't ****ing work
  9. ecent Vandalization
  10. ecent Vandalization
  12. seeking to the roots
  13. Four80East
  14. GTA missions articles
  15. Userboxes
  16. hello
  17. AFC Archiving
  18. ornography
  19. Legality Across Languages
  20. international student
  21. Saving Wikipedia articals
  22. Logo
  23. Searching the Internet for Paula Insel
  24. MoS info on the propriety of acronym article titles?
  25. Bot patrolling for cross-namespace redirects
  26. I would like a link added to the Wikipedia article about the Beta Israel.
  27. What is the "dismiss" link
  28. permission to create breathcube article?
  29. Why Oh Why??!!
  30. Copywrite violoation
  31. Changing IP addresses

December 25[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 25

  1. Newsletters
  2. Hiding Text in Articles
  3. PRevent loss of changes when an edit conflict occurs
  4. Justify text nect to an image
  5. ikipedia is fucked up big time!
  6. opulating Wikipedia
  7. Is it considered acceptable practice to "refactor" someone else's Talk page entries?
  8. Table Formatting
  9. how do I create a new page when a different page has the same title I need to use?
  10. Help Using Collapsible Text Boxes
  11. Determining whether a particular user is logged in or not
  12. Unnamed question
  13. congenital spherocytosys
  14. ow to rename a page?
  15. andalism

December 26[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 26

  1. Suggestion Box
  2. ictures
  3. erged, need help
  4. Looking for vandal template
  5. free download softwares
  6. Naming an article on a person who uses multiple psuedonyms...
  7. Dealing with advertising articles
  8. Reverting edits
  9. andalism?
  10. letter writing
  11. can't view images
  12. Citing a computer program
  13. Copyright violation/non-violation
  14. False and Inflamatory Statements
  15. What is the proper way to use content from Wikipedia on website?
  16. ubstituting in the current username
  17. Login Problem -- yes, I read the FAQ ;-)
  18. eleting a page
  19. Userbox alignment

December 27[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 27

  1. Problem with Tables
  2. edit template
  3. account problems
  4. Search
  5. Editing a photo
  6. What is the policy for creating articles on TV shows?
  7. How do I use a page name that's already in use, and the new reference is more well-known than the current reference?
  8. how do i delete or rename an article?
  9. Number of files
  10. Someone has redirected a topic page to a potential sub-topic page...
  11. Slow response time acccessing Wikipedia
  12. Using templates from other Wikipedia's
  13. rticle talk page archiving
  14. Gerald Ford's Page
  15. replacing an image with a new one
  16. Check Queen Elizabeth's site - There is filth on the entry.
  17. How to contribute to Talk Page
  18. +'s and -'s
  19. Numbers listed in history
  20. roblem with Reference Section
  21. Esther Garcia Cartagena
  22. How to place links between different language pages?
  23. links
  24. Abuse
  25. Importance issue with new article
  26. importing images from other language wikipedias
  27. autograph page
  28. Question on new articles about books

December 28[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 28

  1. Date and Time format
  2. The Never Ending Debate
  3. My Subpages
  4. Image vandalism
  5. Is there anyway to change a username?
  6. Erroneous sockpuppet finding
  7. emplate bug
  8. Contacting Editors
  9. getting clarification on a specific article
  10. gallery rendering?
  11. Nuclide
  12. Indicating Translations
  13. Watchlist
  14. Can my article be reviewed before it is saved?
  15. Yu-Gi-Oh disputes
  16. Photo Free use?
  17. accidentally erasing underlined dates etc.
  18. Merge/move questions
  19. Strange talk page I found
  20. I created a page but the name is wrong, how do I change it?

December 29[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 29

  1. presidential decisions
  2. Policy on articles being hijacked?
  3. Question about blocking
  4. Temporary fonts needing to be installed
  5. "Stable version" of wikipedia website?
  6. monobook.js subpage question
  7. Deleting Unsourced Material
  8. what is the name Ponzi Scheme named after?
  9. Useful Photos?
  10. Rating Articles
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December 30[edit]

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December 31[edit]

Wikipedia:Help_desk/Archives/2006 December 31

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