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This is the support page for the HighBeam Research project.

Registering your free account[edit]

  1. Go to
  2. You’ll see the first page of a two-page registration.
  3. Put in your email address and set up a password. (You need to use a different email address than you used if you ever signed up for a free trial).
  4. After hitting “Continue”, the second and last page of registration appears.
  5. Input the basic information.
  6. Input the activation code
  7. Click “Finish”. You should be good to go at that point.

Note that the activation codes are one-time use only and are case-sensitive.

If you are having difficulty renewing an existing account, try using a different password.

Note for Questia users[edit]

We have had several reports of registration problems for new HighBeam users who already have a Questia account.

  1. Sometimes Questia logins have been reported to work on HighBeam. Try logging in to HighBeam with your Questia details.
  2. Users with accounts in both HighBeam and Questia may need to use two different email addresses for the two services

Getting help[edit]

  • Editors who require assistance or have questions can email inquiries to: help at highbeam dot com. Please include "HighBeam/Wikipedia" in the subject line.
  • Subscribers should NOT call the toll free number for registration assistance. Instead, use email, or ask User:Ocaasi for a direct phone number for the head of customer service.