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Wikipedia:How to win a citation war

This page contains material which is considered humorous. It may also contain advice.
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You find a fact opinion statement in an article that you disagree with and you start a revert war and get blocked. The solution? Start a citation war! But you'll lose if you just find cites for both viewpoints.


  • Search specifically for sources supporting your view. And only use those ones!
  • If someone removes your viewpoint, revert per WP:NPOV until you get up to three reverts (sockpuppetry is fine for this, as long as you don't get caught) until you have made three reverts. Before you have to break WP:3RR report the editors who revert you.
  • Pretend to discuss. That way any uninvolved editor will think that you are in the right.
  • Find about 20 at a time.
  • Tag all sources opposing your view with {{dubious}} and {{verify source}} tags.
  • Tag the opposing view with {{POV-statement}}.
  • Use sockpuppets to create the illusion of consensus (just don't get caught!).

Simple! Be bold, remember WP:BRRR and quote any policy that supports you!