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This is a draft page for the Humanities and Wikipedia Working Group as proposed by User:Sadads at WikiConference USA. The group is meant to provide a community to facilitate academics involved in the humanities to successfully contribute to Wikipedia, support student contributions to Wikipedia and create research useful to both Humanities scholars and the Wikipedia community. For the presentation and information about the draft see its abstract at Wikiconference USA. To help organize the group, there is also a brief survey available as a Google form. Much of the conversation started about bridging conversations with humanist interests in light of the criticisms and conversations created by Adrianne Wadewitz of the Wikimedia community and its relationship to the humanities.


There is a big disconnect in content on Wikipedia about the humanities and the discourses that dominate the scholar. Here are some things that we could do with a Working Group:

  • Bring Humanities researchers, librarians and Wikipedians to one conversation
  • Provide structured guidelines for digital humanities research about Wikipedia: Reduce close readings, expand number of impactful scale studies aware of community values and principals
  • Provide peer review/feedback on research topics and quality content
  • Provide guidelines for documenting and assessing Wikipedia activities as part of professional development along the model of MLA DH guidelines (Wikipedia, Articles, WEP, WiR, Journal Articles)
  • Emphasize the interpretative elements of the humanities (theory, cultural studies, historiography, etc) on Wikipedia through WEP and the Academic development of content. Esp. important to bring in underrepresented perspectives: post-colonial, feminists, ecocritical, etc.
  • Other ideas!

Interested users[edit]

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