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Every month an article will be picked up for the Indian collaboration of the month using this page. The goal of each collaboration is to take an undeveloped or underdeveloped India-related topic and improve it over the course of the month, ideally to the level of a featured article. Please nominate articles in the nominiations page. The articles will be selected for collaboration from the nominations page on the 15th day of every month.

Current collaborations[edit]

Please use the talk page of this page for discussion or improvement of the process of COTM and the talk pages of the relevant article for discussions on improvement for these selected articles. Other issues may be discussed on the India Noticeboard.

The article selected as the Wikipedia articles for Collaboration of the Month on Indian Wikipedia for the month of Dec 2014:


See nominations page.


See members page. If you are not listed and wish to join us, please add yourself over there.

Past collaborations of the month[edit]

The last INCOTM collaboration was in July 2013 for the article Ladakh.

See History page for details about all previous INCOTM & GA/FA of the Month.


See the reports page.