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I feel statements can be helpful to express emotions. The basic format is: I feel <emotion> when <action or event> because <reasons you feel the emotion>. This page allows contributors to express their feelings in a safe zone.

  • I feel sad when I see that we have +700 articles containing links to the user space because it shows our lack of quality control.
  • I feel sad when four bad UAA reports mean the doom of an RfA.
  • I feel upset when I find articles or templates that don't have projects attached to them because it proliferates disorganized content.
  • I feel rageful when SCRABBLE® subtracts and adds points based on tiles remaining because it feels like double jeopardy.
  • I feel ill when people use "I feel" when "I think" is what they intended, because it makes us one step closer to the demise of the accuracy of the English language.
  • I feel disgusted when FlaggedRevs continues to be used against community consensus for an interim takedown.
  • I feel nauseated when (non-newbs) don't know how to use interwiki links.
  • I feel frustrated and annoyed when I read comments such as this because they unfairly and deceptively ignore reality.
  • I feel blind when I misread policy because I confused a period with a comma.

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