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Nostradamus's prediction of the imminent death of Wikipedia: A forest of words in glass enshrined, set upon by brass men and nameless foes; no leaf without speak of the people's arts. Knowledge of Eastern fighting beasts is unrivalled. at 11.

It's often said that Wikipedia is dying. This is the latest in a long line of technological deaths. Earlier, the WikiWikiWeb died. Before that, Usenet died.

Reasons why Wikipedia is dying include and may not be limited to:

  • all the serious editors are leaving
  • the only people who hang around are children, mad, or mad children
  • most edits are now made by robots
  • article syntax is too complicated for normal human beings
  • pop culture articles are longer than science or history articles
  • power-hungry administrators are warring against content creators so they can delete everything and rule a perfect, empty wiki [Is this right? -- Ed.]
  • the people with the most time to edit are also those with the most time and inclination to argue in perpetuity
  • nobody bothers to capitalize and punctuate (mostly because they are depraved parents)
  • The Great Space Wombat said it was
  • insert additional reasons here

Wikipedia has been dying since at least 100 years ago.

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