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glossary of terms applied to inactive WikiProjects[edit]

  • active. A Wikiproject is active if in the last month there were significant edits to the Wikiproject page or discussion talk page by members of the WikiProject. {{WikiProject status|active}}
  • semi-active. Inactive for more than one but less than three months - marked {{WikiProject status|semi-active}} .
  • inactive. No significant WikiProject activity for three months - marked {{WikiProject status|inactive}} . This means:
  1. no significant editing of the Wikiproject page or subpages;
  2. no meaningful posts on the talk pages (circulars, notices posted by non-members of the WikiProject don't count);
  • dormant. In some cases, a WikiProject may be dormant. A dormant WikiProject has a well-defined scope or purpose, a significant list of members, but is long term in its goals, and there is no need for immediate activity. Such WikiProjects tend to be meta-Projects, focused on project concerns, such as policies and editors, and not directly on actual mainspace articles.
  • revivable. has a well defined and sufficiently broad scope that is not redundant to other WikiProjects.
  • dead. Inactive for three years, or three times the period of its activity, whichever is shorter, but not less than three months. Not dormant.
  • stillborn. A WikiProject conceived and created by a single author, normally built in a timeframe of less than one month, but under which there was no subsequent activity. Any additional members made no significant edits to WikiProject pages.
  • no unique content of worth. The WikiProject contains no significant collection of information or resources that is not located elsewhere and not readily re-generated. Inactive, especially stillborn, WikiProject may be rendered to no unique content of worth by copying of the material to a more relevant location.
  • defunct. A wikiProject that was once appropriate, or seemingly appropriate, but became, or was revealed, to be inappropriate, illogical, faulty, or insubstantial - marked {{WikiProject status|defunct}} .


  • Inactive WikiProjects should be tagged and categorised as inactive with {{WikiProject status|inactive}}. If the inactive WikiProject is redundant in scope with an active WikiProject, then it may be boldly redirected to the active WikiProject. (If an explanation to future browsing is appropriate, you may use a soft redirect. If there is any disagreement between editors as to whether a WikiProject page should be converted to a redirect (hard or soft), or kept live, then it may be discussed at WP:MfD.)
  • Dead WikiProjects that have no signficant history of activity, and that are not revivable and that have no unique content of worth may be nominated at WP:MfD.


In the past, there have been inconclusive discussions about the deletion criteria for inactive (as well as defunct) wikiprojects. This page attempts to look at this issue.

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