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College of Engineering, Pune.
Coep main bldg.jpg
COEP main building
Institution College of Engineering, Pune
Course B.Tech. (Computer and IT)
Year Final Year Elective
Students Count 75

Campus Ambassadors

India Online Ambassadors

US Online Ambassadors

  • Adam Hyland
  • Adam Lewis

Course Description[edit]

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) is an elective course for the final year (seventh semester) undergraduate students of two branches: Computer Engineering and Information Technology. The students in the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology at College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) enroll to the course by choice.

This is an advanced course in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. Students learn the Intelligent Systems, various algorithms for Searching Solutions to the hardcore problems in the AI domain, concepts of Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Neural Network, etc.

Examination Scheme[edit]

The course examination scheme is follows:

SN Description Weight
1 Assignment-I 10
2 Mid Semester Examination 30
3 Assignment-II 10
4 End Semester Examination 50

Final grades will be awarded based on the total score obtained.



Assignments Overview[edit]

ASSUMING THAT ALL USER PAGES HAVE BEEN CREATED, kindly link your article's name enlisted in the table below along with the article you've started working on. This enables the mentor to assess your article.

The assignments shall comprise of writing articles based on the course contents. The title or contents of the article for assignment shall be finalized in consultation with Course Instructor. Each assignment should be separate article. The large size articles/contributions can be submitted into two parts as assignments. The submission of these assignments will be on Wikipedia.

Selection of Article and Writing[edit]

First select the topics that interest you from the course contents. Search these selected contents on Wikipedia. If you find the displayed Wikipedia article needs to be added/updated or there is not a article then you choose this topic for assignment(s).

COEP Library has ample of resources including subscriptions to all reputed digital libraries, viz. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), ScienceDirect, IEEE, Springer Verlag, etc. In these digital libraries, search tutorial or survey article on the topic that you have selected above and write review or report of the article giving full citations to all referred articles.

Assignments timeline[edit]

12 August 2011[edit]

  • Overview of the course
  • Introduction to the Wikipedia part of the course by Mihir Khatwani.
  • Introduction to "Why Wikipedia" .
  • HANDOUT: "Welcome to Wikipedia" brochure
  • Campus Ambassadors introduce Wikipedia
    • How to edit Wikipedia
    • Tips on creating good Wikipedia Pages
  • Complete this form

22 August 2011[edit]

  • SRS submission for any project in IEEE format on moodle account at COEP.
  • Students to create user accounts, user pages, and update this page

25 August 2011[edit]

  • Make first edits to your assigned pages.
  • Get your Wikipedia page finalized by the instructor and begin expanding the assigned page with lot of content added to it

2011 August 30[edit]

  • Initial study on the topic assigned.
    • Discuss your updates with the Mentor/Instructor.

2011 September 05[edit]

  • Detailed study of the topic assigned.
  • Review Meeting involving all participants.
  • Introduction to Wikipedia Sandboxes.
    • Write a summary of your changes in your sandbox.

2011 September 15[edit]

  • Finalize the changes to your Wikipedia Page. Mention the last edit on this page (deadline: Sep 15th 2011, 6 pm)
  • This is the schedule for first assignment-I

2011 September 23 to 29[edit]

  • Mid-semester examination as per academic calender and DCE's schedule of examinations.

2011 October 2[edit]

  • Completion of Assignment-II

2011 November 18 to 30[edit]

  • End semester examination as per academic calender and CoE's schedule of examinations.

Instructions for the students[edit]

Start by registering yourself. Update this page with listing of your pair in the last section. Also list the page assigned to you and the name of your mentor campus ambassador. On your last edit, update the last edit link as well.

List of students[edit]

110808057 User: Anujasp Prof. S .T. Sawant Object tracking Information Technology
110808052 User: Rahulsavale Prof. S .T. Sawant Intelligent Database Information Technology
110903086 User:nammu_wiki Prof. S .T. Sawant [[Intelligent Control Systems for AI applications in Robotics]] Computer Science
110803017 User:vaibhavkeskar33 Prof. S .T. Sawant AI in Line Tracer Computer Science
110803056 User:toshal_a_mokadam Prof. S .T. Sawant Term Frequency- Inverse Document Frequency (tf–idf) Computer Science Computer Science
110803049 User:Shreyas.palekar Prof. S .T. Sawant Computer Science
110803008 User:ritikajk Prof. S .T. Sawant Human Language Technology Computer Science
110803038 User:Mrunmayee.halkunde Prof. S .T. Sawant Voice controlled robot Computer Science
110803013 User:jyotilanghi Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial Passenger Computer Science
110803022 User:shwetakambare Prof. S .T. Sawant Genetic Operators Computer Science
110803059 User: shilpamotghare Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial Intelligence as a Positive andNegative Factor in Global Risk Computer Science
110703066 User: Vasudha19 Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial Intelligence in routing schemes Computer Science
110803024 User:rohansadale Prof. S .T. Sawant Game tree Computer Science
110803044 User: shindesujit Prof. S .T. Sawant Computer Vision Information Technology
110803054 User:tondeab Prof. S .T. Sawant Autonomous robot architecture Computer Science
110803053 User: a20.nitin Prof. S .T. Sawant Autonomous car Computer Science
110803032 User:sachinwathore Prof. S .T. Sawant Intelligent word recognition Computer Science
110803043 User:Shrikrushna lekurwale Prof. S .T. Sawant Soft computing Computer Science
110803050 User:patil sankalp Prof. S .T. Sawant Speech Recognition Computer Science
110803052 User:akshaychandak78 Prof. S .T. Sawant Rational agent Computer Science
110803007 User:Snehal bagde Prof. S .T. Sawant Automated proof checking Computer Science
110803016 User:sagardhoot Prof. S .T. Sawant Silent speech interface Computer Science
110903084 User:Saloni H Peswani Prof. S .T. Sawant Dictionary-based machine translation Computer Science
110908091 User:Netra Nahar Prof. S .T. Sawant [[1]] Information Technology
110808005 User:karan.csn Prof. S .T. Sawant Machine_perception Information Technology
110808020 User:110808020_nilesh Prof. S .T. Sawant Virtual Intelligence Information Technology
110908084 User:Ishq2011 Prof. S .T. Sawant Machine Learning Information Technology
110808039 User:jiteshchougule Prof. S .T. Sawant Neural Network Information Technology
110808028 User:110808028_amol Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial intelligence in industries Information Technology
110808075 User:FazilaGirkar Prof. S .T. Sawant Web intelligence Information Technology
110808049 User:110808049_nisarg Prof. S .T. Sawant The Automated SAR image processing system Information Technology
110908089 User:suvarna_25 Prof. S .T. Sawant Embodied agent Information Technology
110808041 User: Dipti N Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial Intelligence in medicines Information Technology
110803071 User:natashasarangi Prof. S .T. Sawant Making simple decisions in AI Computer Science
110808038 User:smit11491 Prof. S .T. Sawant AI in nuclear applications Information Technology
110808034 User:msaibalwar Prof. S .T. Sawant Handwriting Recognition Information Technology
602058 User:diptuchaku Prof. S .T. Sawant Computer Science
110803040 User:misalvs Prof. S .T. Sawant AI in military applications Computer Science
110803004 User:110803004_rajesh Prof. S .T. Sawant AI in Transportation Computer Science
110808022 User:atul.lanjudkar Prof. S .T. Sawant Machine Listening Information Technology
110908091 User:Nilima kale Prof. S .T. Sawant Business rules engine Information Technology
110803074 User:bugboy48 Prof. S .T. Sawant Unsupervised learning Computer Science
110808053 User:Rupali.P.Patil Prof. S .T. Sawant Turing test Information Technology
110903089 User:Meera Mudholkar Prof. S .T. Sawant Planning and Acting in the Real World Computer Science
110808054 User:shitalnpatil Prof. S .T. Sawant Affective computing Information Technology
110808012 User:Nk110808012 Prof. S .T. Sawant Ontology Learning Information Technology
110808074 User:sainianu08 Prof. S .T. Sawant Distributed artificial intelligence Information Technology
110808010 User:ashakawale Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial Inteligence in fiction Information Technology
110908085 User:Awadhutmore Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial Imagination Information Technology
110908086 User:akashprathi Prof. S .T. Sawant Simulation in AI Information Technology
110908090 User:sagarsss Prof. S .T. Sawant Activity recognition Information Technology
110908088 User:Pravin Chavan Prof. S .T. Sawant Automated Planning and Scheduling Information Technology
110808043 User:NikitaPSolanki Prof. S .T. Sawant RapidMiner Information Technology
110808025 User:Wankhede mayur Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial intelligence in Interfaces Information Technology
110808076 User:vimessi77 Prof. S .T. Sawant Autoencoder Information Technology
110808004 User:joshianurag21 Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial intelligence in e commerce Information Technology
110903081 User:rameshrakshe Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial brain Computer Science
110808061 User:mehulgavit Prof. S .T. Sawant Fuzzy Logic Systems Information Technology
110808023 User:Prachi.munde Prof. S .T. Sawant Perception using artificial intelligence Computer Science
110808071 User:shirsatsnehar Prof. S .T. Sawant Animat Information Technology
110808064 User:shahbazsbaig Prof. S .T. Sawant Localization for robots in dynamic environment Information Technology
110808050 Prof. S .T. Sawant Artificial Intelligence and Law Information Technology
110908011 User:akshaybade Prof. S .T. Sawant Potential Function Based Movement in Games Information Technology
110908082 User:Pravin nexus Prof. S .T. Sawant Distributed Software Engineering Information Technology
110708071 User:devendra thakur Prof. S .T. Sawant Sample game demonstrating AI concepts Information Technology
110903085 User:Shubhada antapurkar Prof. S .T. Sawant User:Shubhada antapurkar/sandbox Computer
110803055 User:sonalichaure Prof. S .T. Sawant User:sonalichaure/sandbox Computer Science
110903087 User:Priyanka Gangurde Prof. S .T. Sawant Expert System for Biometrics Identification/sandbox Computer Science
110908083 pas007 (talk · contribs) Prof.S.T.Sawant Swarm Robotics Information Technology
110803029 User:Amtrathod19911 Prof. S .T. Sawant Robotics Simulator Computer Science