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Editing References, Instructions and Guides[edit]

Item Preview Level Description Download
Editing reference sheet
Wiki markup cheatsheet EN.pdf
Beginner This one-page quick reference helps you to remember the most frequently used wiki markup commands i.e the commands used when you edit Wikipedia articles. PDF
How to get help handout
Classroom handout - How to get help.pdf
Beginner This one-page handout explains the recommended way to get help and feedback for classes supported by Wikipedia Ambassadors: by posting on their course talk page and notifying their mentor. It also includes a glossary of additional help resources students might use. PDF
Citing sources handout
Intermediate This handout explains why references are important, where to place them, and the basics of adding tags for references. PDF
Plagiarism handout
Intermediate This handout explains what plagiarism (cheating/theft) is on Wikipedia in addition to why and how to avoid it. PDF
Moving out of your sandbox instructions
Classroom handout - moving out of your sandbox.pdf
Intermediate This handout walks through how to move an article draft from a userpage sandbox into Wikipedia PDF
File licensing tutorial
Licensing tutorial en.svg
Beginner This short handout explains why and how uploaded files (images) should be licensed. SVG image
Referencing: WikiCode Handout
Beginner This handout explains the basics of inserting references, creating list of references, multiple citations of same reference and reference style. PDF
Image uploading handout
Intermediate This handout explains the basics of uploading an image on the English Wikipedia. PDF
Submitting an article to the Did You Know process instructions
Classroom handout - Submitting an article to the Did You Know process.pdf
Advanced This handout walks through how to submit a new or newly expanded article to the Did You Know process so that it will appear on the Main Page. PDF
Visual explanation of the user contribution page
User contributions detail.svg
Beginner Visual explanation of the user contribution page SVG


Making Tables in Wikipedia[edit]

Here are a few links that will facilitate you to create tables in Wikipedia.

  1. All you wanted to know about tables(Advanced)
  2. Manual of Style for Tables in Wikipedia(General)
  3. How to make a wikitable(Simple)
  4. Make a simple table(Simple)
  5. Background to your Tables.

Upoading Images[edit]