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An article is poorly written. You can see by the tags it is filled with. It is lacking sources. It contains some original research. Its notability is in question.

What do you do?

Propose it for deletion?

Absolutely not.

If you really want to do what is right, you can help everyone's cause by trying to address the issues as opposed to proposing it for deletion.

Learn more about the issue[edit]

Some tags are used to mark the entire article as problematic. Others point to specific sections, paragraphs, or even phrases. Either way, this can help you learn what is wrong with the article and how it can be fixed.

When an article has one or more tags, it is not saying "come delete me." It is really saying "fix me if you can"

Tags that have remained for a long time[edit]

Some tags remain on a page for months or even years without the issue being addressed. This does not mean the article should be deleted.

There is no deadline. No articles have to be improved by any particular time or day. While it is nice for improvements to be made, it is perfectly permissible for an article to remain unfixed indefinitely.