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WikiJournals are Academic journals that can subject Wikipedia articles to the rigour of scholarly peer review by independent experts. This is an "embassy page" in Wikipedia for submissions to the three journals in the group:
WikiJournal of Humanities (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences)
WikiJournal of Medicine (Medicine and Biomedicine)
WikiJournal of Science (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology)

Like Good Article and Featured Article nominations, submissions to WikiJournals have feedback organised. In the case of the WikiJournals, however, peer reviewers are non-wikipedian experts, invited to provide feedback and recommendations for the article. Articles that pass peer review also have a stable, citable, indexed version published in the journal, gain a DOI number, and become searchable in Google Scholar. For example:

  • Wright, Marion; Skaggs, William; Årup Nielsen, Finn; et al. (2016). "The Cerebellum". WikiJournal of Medicine. 3 (1). doi:10.15347/wjm/2016.001. ISSN 2002-4436.

Major goals include:

To provide an additional mechanism for quality assessment for existing Wikipedia articles, or large sections of Wikipedia articles (example)
To encourage non-Wikipedians to write Wikipedia articles (example)
To gather collections of useful multimedia content that can easily be used to improve Wikipedia articles (example)

WikiJournal User Group

Further info


Nomination procedure

To submit an existing Wikipedia article or article section to one of the WikiJournals for academic peer review, simply add the name of the article to the Nominations section below. In doing this you assert that:

Submission processing

  1. Article will be imported to WikiJournal Preprints (instructions)
  2. Submitter(s) adds info in {{Article_info}} template to add details (with editor assistance)
  3. Submitter(s) formats figures with {{Fig}} template to add numbers and attribution (with editor assistance)
  4. Submitter(s) fills in authorship declaration form
  5. Editorial board organises external, non-Wikipedian experts to provide peer reviewer comments
  6. Submitter(s) respond to peer reviewer comments and recommendations
  7. Article accepted or declined
  8. Accepted articles assigned DOI number, indexed in Google Scholar etc
  9. Updated content moved back into Wikipedia

Note: The version published in the journal is static, but the Wikipedia article continues in the normal way and is not locked or owned.


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