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This is a new alternative to the traditions of WP:AID and WP:COTW. It is meant to be more relaxed and informal, so while it would be nice to get articles up to featured status, its main goal is to allow people to join in, knowing that there will be other editors active on the same article, which makes editing much more effective and fun!

/History - For completed collaborations.
/Removed - For failed nominations.
How it works
  1. Nominate an article, stub or even red link that you would like to work on, saying why it is important to cover that topic, and how many fellow editors you would like to attract. Attach {{JI}} to the talk page of the article in question.
  2. Anyone else interested can sign their name to show support.
  3. Everyone signed up will be notified when the requested threshold number is reached, and you can all work on the article together. Attach {{JInow}} to the talk page of the article. The collaboration entry will be listed in /Active until the collaboration slows down. The entry will then be archived.
  4. An article will also be removed from the list if the nomination is three weeks old. (You should consider adjusting the threshold for this.)

This is designed to ensure that each article gets its fair amount of editors without focusing too much on any one article, and allows a rapid turnover of new articles to keep things fresh.

Beautifully simple. Here is a template for nominations:

====( 1 person, needs # )====
:''nominated'' [[DATE]]: Expires [[Date three weeks from now]]
::''Editor requires # people to begin work.

; Join in
# (sign with four tildes)

; Comments:
* (put your reason for nomination, sign again)


New nominations go at the top of the section below.



These articles have the required number of people needed to begin work. The collaboration will be listed under here until work on the article slows down. Feel free to still join in!

Examples of successful collaborations[edit]