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Wikipedia first model of Wikipedia-integrated dual-publishing[1]

Journal to Wikipedia publishing is a model of Wikipedia-integrated dual publishing where new Review articles are written to be peer reviewed and published in academic journal, then copied across to become a new Wikipedia article.


Several academic journals publish articles are then copied into Wikipedia. Authors are given guidance on how to write a review article that conforms to both the journal's guidelines and Wikipedia's guidelines.[2][3] So far the main journals that have implemented this format are:


PLOS logo 2012.svg
  • PLOS Computational Biology - covers bioinformatics, computational and mathematical biology (scope)[4]
  • PLOS Genetics - covers genetics and genomics (scope)[5]

New articles can be submitted to either of these PLOS journals via this page. Articles written from scratch on topics that are absent, stub or start class on Wikipedia can be submitted. However, existing Wikipedia articles cannot be submitted. Presubmission inquiries can be made to the email addresses listed here.

PLOS articles published in this manner are listed in this collection and in categories for PLOS Computational Biology and PLOS Genetics.


WikiJournal of Medicine logo.svg
WikiJournal of Science logo.svg
WikiJournal of Humanities logo.svg
  • WikiJournal of Medicine - covers medicine and biomedicine (scope)[6]

New articles can be submitted to either of these WikiJournals via this page. The journals also publish W2J. Presubmission inquiries can be made to the email addresses listed here.

WikiJournal articles published via this route are collected in this list and in categories for WikiJournal of Medicine and WikiJournal of Science.

Final product[edit]

The final products product is:

  1. A Wikipedia article that is created from or replaced with the version as peer reviewed
  2. An indexed, citable, version of record published in the journal (web +/- print copy)

Linking Wikipedia to the published version[edit]

Wikipedia articles that have been peer reviewed and published can be tagged with the {{Academic_peer_reviewed}} template in their references section, which links to the published version, peer reviewer comments and provides an example citation. Such articles are collected in this category.


Minor stylistic alterations are typically needed when copying across to Wikipedia (e.g. removal of figure numbers). Any sections of the article that contain original research, opinion, or perspectives have to be omitted from the Wikipedia version. This model of Wikipedia-integrated academic publishing is compatible with any journal that is willing to publish broad-scope academic reviews under a CC-BY license. Most OA journals publish under a CC-BY license which can be incorporated over to Wikipedia (CC-BY-SA license) but not the other way around. Consequently, articles that are already well developed on Wikipedia are not ideal targets for such publications.

See also[edit]

  • WP:W2J - Wiki to journal publication
  • WP:Gene_Wiki - A project that publishes academic partner articles to Wikipedia pages about genes


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