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Take a break if you need to. Don't stress yourself out arguing it out.

Sometimes I think that everyone needs to just relax a little and let it go. Sure we're creating an encyclopedia here, and that is, indeed, serious business, but it's not life or death. Sometimes I see some heated arguments, with some editors even making ad hominem attacks. This can happen anywhere: RFAs, article talk pages, AFDs, even user talk pages.

Whenever I see this happening, I wonder if No Big Deal can be applied to other areas of Wikipedia. I think that it can. Things like the exact wording of a video game character's inclusion in a game or whether a person with a pet cat is the "owner" of said cat. These are great examples of people allowing their passions to rule them. Head over heart, I always say.

Of course, discussion and consensus is a vital part of Wikipedia, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it can be taken too far. And my advice to those people is just let it go. If the argument isn't really all that important (and trust me, sometimes it's not), don't try so desperately to "win". Sure, you might get something to go your way, but all it really does is make other Wikipedians mad and maybe even leave Wikipedia altogether.

Discuss things to find consensus, but don't argue just for the sake of making a point. Just let it go.

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