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By usman ahmed


Cruise A cruise ship is like a large floating holiday resort. On board you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of a star hotel and you can choose from different activities. Most cruise ships are equipped with several restaurants, bars, casinos, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, spa, gym, shops, theater, cinema Modern cruise ships are very well laid out, leaving much space. The interior is tastefully decorated with an eye for detail and design. During your cruise vacation you will be pampered by friendly and well trained staff. A cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's amenities are a part of the experience, as well as the different destinations along the way. Transportation is not the prime purpose, as cruise ships operate mostly on routes that return passengers to their originating port, so the ports of call are usually in a specified region of a continent. There are even "cruises to nowhere" or "nowhere voyages" where the ship makes 2-3 night round trips without any ports of call.

The Recreation King: Beach Cruiser A beach cruiser is as relaxing and congenial to its surroundings, just like its very own name. An ideal choice, if one chooses for an easy going and laid back ride, just to free yourself from stress and ride around town. for recreational riding. And for this it has adapted its structure and frame to cater to the needs. A beach cruiser, also known as a cruiser bicycle, basically is a bicycle which combines balloon tires - which is a type of wide, low-pressure tire, has an upright seating posture, are single speed which means it is a single gear ratio and a straightforward steel construction with a unique styling to sport. No wonder, Cruisers are popular amongst casual bicyclists and also by the ones who are vacations, simply because they are very stable and easy to ride. But because of the built being hefty and teaming with balloon tires tend to make them rather slow. They come from the family of larger category of hybrid bicycles, since they take on s little features from a mountain bike and a lot from the average road bike. A beach cruiser came into existence when the popular bicycle manufacturing company, Schwinn developed the cruiser at a time when U.S. bicycle sales had witnessed a downward trend, tremendously due to the Great Depression. It was noted that adults purchased few bicycles, which were considered as luxury products supposed to be largely used for sport or recreation. So in response, Schwinn conceived a stronger and much affordable bicycle, which was designed for the more resilient youth market who was their target. Since then, there was no turning back for the beach cruiser. Everyone had mostly switched over to these beauties, thus giving them the push and deserved acceptance & adulation. These bikes, which stand out for their durability and heavy weight, used to be the most popular bicycle in the United States from the early 1930s and all through the 1950s, and have enjoyed renewed popularity since the late 1990s. It was in the late 1970s and early 1980s, that the cruiser frames formed the basis of the newly developed mountain bike. Cruisers' comfort, style, and affordability (compared to mountain and racing bikes) have led to renewed popularity in recent years. Thus, it is the simplicity the low-tech, high fun aspect of cycling. teamed with comfort that leisure rides require, make a beach cruiser a perfect fit for the rides around town! You can cherish your neighborhood and probably spot something new in your locality by just biking around on this. .Cruise Deals: Early or Last Minute? Booking early does come with several advantages. It means you don’t have to struggle with availability. You can choose the exact cruise you want: including ship, itinerary, cabin position and dining time. You also can make sure each aspect of your cruise is perfectly suited to you. The downside to this is that you may sometimes pay slightly more for being the early worm. Your other choice is to wait till the last minute to book. The problem with this option though is that by waiting, you may miss out on the exact cruise you wanted and have to settle for something slightly, (or not so slightly different). The cruise lines also get a little more awkward on their last minute deals. Most last minute offers from cruise lines are sold on a guarantee basis. You know you’ll be onboard and what kind of cabin you’ll have, (inside, outside or balcony), but not where on the ship your cabin is or what time you’ll be allocated dinner. As a general rule of thumb the advice most cruise specialists give is that if you have to have a particular type of cabin, (maybe your cruising as a family), or have to cruise at a particular time, (especially school holidays), then book early. If you’re happy with the price, then book and have a great time! Have a look at our pick of the ten pick of late and early booking offers to find a cruise that suits you.

Last Minute Cruising:There are some Tips for Getting a Deal Last minute cruises -- defined roughly in industry terms as sailings that depart between several days and three months in the future -- offer savings to those of us who either procrastinate for a living or enjoy the luxury of cruising on a whim. And even better: The Internet has evolved as a terrific resource for deals, and travel agencies regularly receive offers from cruise lines trying to fill ships on close-in voyages.

Be flexible. Booking late means you'll get what's left after all the early planners have made their arrangements. You are less likely to get an in-demand suite or balcony cabin, a prime dinner table or seating, or a choice cabin location. If you don't have your heart set on specific details, you'll be more likely to enjoy your discounted cruise 
Keep your passport up to date. You don't want to book a last minute sailing only to find that a passport is necessary and yours has expired. If you want to plan a getaway at a moment's notice, we recommend making sure there are at least six months left before your passport expires.

Cruises to Antarctica Remind Us of Our Connection to the Ocean .This time our adventure has taken us through the Antarctic Circle. Our expedition was again hosted by Aurora Expeditions, an efficient and professional operator for this type of demanding trip. The comfortable and sturdy Polar Pioneer was our base of operations for this excursion as well. On this voyage we have the best of both worlds - we sampled the diversity of wildlife encountered only on the Peninsula, again took the plunge into the icy waters of Antarctica to observe her unusual marine life, and traveled far enough south to cross the Antarctic Circle. The cruise was a lively babble of delightful conversation, everyone had tales to tell, new friends to meet, and it was a wonderful start to this journey of my dreams. Patagonia and Penguins For me, one of the absolute best things about this cruise in antarcatica was that there was a sea day between each port day. Each port is unique, and because this is such an incredible itinerary, I wanted to do as much and see as much as possible when ashore.

On other port-intensive cruises, when I walk as much as I did on this one and when I take the opportunity to explore as much as I explored the towns and cities on this cruise, I end up achy and exhausted the following day and virtually useless in terms of venturing out at the next place. We watched the weather very carefully. So far we had been extraordinarily lucky, but if the wind picked up, we wouldn't have made it in to Port Stanley. There are two Patagonian regions: Atlantic and Andean. Cruise passengers are exposed to Atlantic Patagonia -- arid, tundra-like landscapes sweeping down to the shores. One Ocean Expeditions I think I have said all that needs saying about One Ocean which connects to internet. They are a top class operation, the passengers’ needs are always at the forefront, the ships, the food, the gear, the team - everything is excellent