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Requests for FAC and FAR articles[edit]

Requests for GAC and GA/R articles[edit]

Requests for GA articles being reviewed prior to FAC nomination[edit]

Requests for other articles[edit]

Requests for successful FA not acted upon[edit]

Requests over 3 months old[edit]

Backlog status[edit]

Please list new articles at the bottom of each section, using a # to number the articles. Remember to sign your entries with four tildes (~~~~). For instructions on using the project templates, read Wikipedia:WikiProject_League_of_Copyeditors#How to use templates for copy-editing.

In progress[edit]

List here articles you have partially copy-edited. Note how far they have been copyedited (e.g., up to Section X) and update as necessary. Consider placing the {{WP:LoCE:In Progress}} template on the article's discussion page. Move completed articles to section "Ready for final proofread" below.

Ready for final proofread[edit]

List articles at the bottom of this section that have been copyedited and need a proofread. Place the following at the bottom of the article talk page as a new comment:


Proofread complete[edit]

  1. Select any article that you did not copyedit from the "Ready for final proofread" section. Edit as necessary and note what changed (e.g., grammar, added ref tag) in the edit summary.
  2. Remove the copyedit template, if it hasn't been already (this will take the article off of the "Articles Needing Copyedit" backlog).
  3. Edit the copy-editor's comment on the discussion page to list your name as a proofreader (detailed instructions here).
  4. Move the article to the bottom of this section, add {{done}} on a new line, and make any appropriate notes.
  5. Archive any article that was proofread more than one week ago.

Copyedit and/or proofread denied[edit]