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The Fresh Beat Band
Wikilifespan December 2011-present
Known IPs 223.206.175.* (Triple T Internet PCL, Thailand, during December 2011)
125.24.167.* (TOT Public Company Limited Bangkok)
Physical location Phitsanulok, Thailand and Bangkok, Thailand

Persistant spammer related to The Fresh Beat Band. This user has randomly spamming links to external sites. This user has moved IP too. The user has repeatly triggered the abuse filter. Also, The Fresh Beat Band was created on German Wikipedia and redirecting Christina Ager (on dewiki) to that page too.

Revert and block the users. Stewards should lock them all.

For the impersonator account, if the article of impersonated person exist, please semi-protect the article as soon as possible. Please also add link to the article and impersonator account's user talk page on the section "Impersonator".

Please report all ongoing incidents of abuse to AIV or ANI.

Basic information

The Fresh Beat Band (talkcontribsblock logautoltaspiconfirmed socks
suspected socks

Comprehensive edits analysis
The user has repeatly inserting spamlinks to external sites including,,, and many links, mostly on The Fresh Beat Band. Also, after 2012 Winter Youth Olympics ended, the user has tried to spam on that page. After the semi-protection on The Fresh Beat Band has expired, the user has come back and spam on the page. Currently, some accounts such as Caroline Ouellette or Tessa Bonhomme has remain unedited to make these account autoconfirmed, which will gain access to editing The Fresh Beat Band or the other semi-protected article (such as Tessa Bonhomme editing Lindsey Vonn and The Fresh Beat Band).

Even more, the user tries to redirect the following pages to The Fresh Beat Band (see Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Log/2012 January 24#Christina Ager):

  • Christina Ager (semi-protected)
  • Christine Ager (fully protected)
  • Christina Anger (fully protected)
  • Christina AGER (fully protected) (not created, but filter has triggered the creation of the page)
  • Ager, Christina (fully protected)
  • Ager, Christine (fully protected) (not created, but filter has triggered the creation of the page)

One of the creator of these page is User:Christina Ager, which is confirmed sock and impersonating a living person. See WP:SPI/FBB.

For the usernames, most usernames include the word "FreshBeat", "Fresh Beat" or related names. Currently, the abuse filter 102 doesn't allow account with "FreshBeat" to edit the article. After the AbuseFilter prevent "FreshBeat" accounts to edit (even they are not yet blocked), the user has started to impersonate living people. Sometimes, there are another suspicious username pattern "(Name of the Nickelodeon show)(First letter of the name given)Nick", such as VictoriousVNick, BubbleGuppiesBNick, BigTimeRushBNick, etc.


It seems like that each account will spam under their assigned link. Such as (Egon Zimmermann on Lindsey Vonn and Egon Zimmermann) or (Nikki Yanofsky on Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/The Fresh Beat Band/Archive twice). Once each link is blacklisted, it seems like that the user will find the other link to spam. Another pattern is changing the official website in the infoboxes (such as to spamlink). If you found this user spamming, add the sitename below (but do not link).

Rugby and soccer shops:


The Fresh Beat Band Live Tour 2012 tickets:



Targeted areas, pages, themes

For the Innsbruck 2012-related articles, the user has spam and try to link "Christina Ager" or similar to The Fresh Beat Band:



Olympic medalists

The Fresh Beat Band members

Nick Jr. articles


During the vandalism, the user has used sockpuppets to impersonate the following living people:

and more...

Image-related vandalism

The user has uploaded File:World Rugby Shop logo 2012.jpg (logo of World Rugby Shop) and replace different images on the several articles' infobox. In some cases, File:FreshBeatKitBag.jpg (currently used on Kitbag), is being used instead after that file's deletion on Commons (because most accounts are usually non-autoconfirmed). See this edit.

Spam logos


World Rugby Shop

Collage logo (Kitbag, World Rugby Shop, Ruggers, Pro-Direct Rugby

Caroline Ouellette's pagemove

User:Caroline Ouellette has remain unedited until the account is autoconfirmed so that the account can edit The Fresh Beat Band. Also, this user has performed the pagemove on Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies. See Special:Log/Caroline Ouellette.


The user has created the YouTube channel called "WikipediaHelp" and upload spam videos. Such as "The Fresh Beat Band - Freeze Dance Part 1", but the video has World Rugby Shop screenshot, and the word "World Rugby Shop, the top SEO rugby shopping website on Google!" on it. While the description seems that it taken from List of the Fresh Beat Band episodes, and a link to worldrugbyshop in the description.

The spam videos were linked from Innsbruck 2012-related articles after has been blacklisted. Before the link to those videos were later blacklisted.


WP:SPI/FBB, sockpuppet investigations

Confirmed and suspected accounts