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PLEASE include two or three edit history links about the lame edit war. It would be also useful to list the date the edit war was added.

External links[edit]

Better Days (webcomic)[edit]

Among the reviews for the WebComic, should there be a negative review written by a group of anti-furries? Unlike most edit wars, this one was lazy and slow, with the presence or absence of the link appearing or disappearing for months at a time. This edit war was finally solved when someone realized that a webcomic didn't need a link to every review that's ever been written about it, and dropped all except for one, balanced set of reviews. Eventually it was deleted in 2006 when the article's original author decided that it wasn't really worth having an article on it anyway. One year later the page was restarted. What will happen? Nobody knows.


Edit war over two external links[1][2], and over the existence of HTML comments that were added in an attempt to stop the war[3].

Derek Smart[edit]

Huge ongoing 13-month revert war over one external link critical of Smart. Discussion filled several talk pages, with each side accusing the other of POV, systemic bias, stalking, paranoia, bad faith edits and being lame in general. Escalated to a request for arbitration and eventually a bit of office action.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni[edit]

A three day long war starting with this good faith edit which turned into an edit war as to whether it should be included or not, ending with this last revert edit. Even after talking on the article's talk page, and bringing the issue up on ANI, the user who originally posted the link was eventually permanently banned.

Real Life Ministries[edit]

A slow burning edit war lasting over three months over the file extension of one link. Not the inclusion of the link itself - just its extension (.txt or .prt).


A huge edit war regarding the inclusion of external links. Should commercial sites be linked, should the section be this big, or should the external links section be there at all? These are some of the questions plaguing this article.