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PLEASE include two or three edit history links about the lame edit war. It would be also useful to list the date the edit war was added.

Personal involvement[edit]

Daniel Brandt[edit]

Someone writes an article about him and he complains that he is a private citizen and not notable. He threatens lawsuits, which causes editors to add more detail to the article. The article also raises questions of public vs. private figures, whether he is truly notable because of his involvement in the Seigenthaler controversy, and questions of when a subject requests deletion. Daniel Brandt (talk · contribs) was blocked, unblocked, and later reblocked, the unblocking discussion a massive 126 KB. The debate on his article stretched out to 14 AFDs over two years, the Daniel Brandt deletion wheel war ArbCom case in February 2007, and two long WP:DRVs (Feb and June 2007).

Highgate Vampire, Talk:Highgate Vampire[edit]

You thought vampires did not exist? You thought vampire hunters do not edit Wikipedia? You thought two opposing factions of British vampire hunters (the "orthodox" Vampire Research Society and the "revisionist" Highgate Vampire Society, and let's hope these links stay blood red forever) would not clash on a Wikipedia article or its talk page? All I can say is – think again.

John Byrne[edit]

A somewhat controversial comic book artist who felt there were errors in his article and so blanked almost all of the content without explaining what specifically the errors he was objecting to were. He raised the subject on his own message board and both supporters and detractors flocked to Wikipedia to join in the fight, resulting in numerous articles in blogs and other comic industry media about the ensuing conflict.

Suncrest, Washington[edit]

Constant reversion of Mark Richards's "vandalism" by original creator who lived there (as was mentioned in the article) and seemed to think it was his page. See page history and VfD discussion.

The real third best page in the universe

The Best Page in the Universe[edit]

The reason why external links sections are not web directories is aptly illustrated when the owners of two rival fansites, and, repeatedly replace the other's link with theirs. The link goes back and forth for weeks – as they leave no messages or edit summaries, few notice and none care. One uninvolved editor tries to add both, asking "Is there not room for both self-proclaimed third best pages?" – apparently not, as one is removed two hours later and the war continues on its merry way. Eventually yet another editor drops a train on all the spam, including that oh-so-vital link.

Vic Grimes[edit]

Lameness originating from violation of WP:OWN leads to an epic edit war after the "author" attempts to remove all the information they ever posted on Vic Grimes claiming they own the information. The resulting war escalated and incidents that derived from the war ended up on WP:AN, WP:ANI, WP:3RR, WP:PAIN, a WikiProject, and the talk pages of many users and admins. The war temporarily ends when the "author" was blocked indefinitely for violation of numerous policies and trolling but it soon began again when the "author" started using AOL sock puppets to continue their campaign. After that, the user was banned and still continues to pop up with more sock puppets.


Should we mention the fact that the station's broadcast power drops to a ridiculously low wattage at night? Yes, it's a fact. No, I could LOSE MY JOB.