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PLEASE include two or three edit history links about the lame edit war. It would be also useful to list the date the edit war was added.


Amy Dumas[edit]

Questions have arisen concerning the name of Lita's moves. Is it DDT, or Lita DDT? Hurricanrana or Litacanrana? Moonsault or Litasault? Powerbomb or Lita Bomb? Is the powerbomb even a finishing move, considering it's not used that often? Do you go by the games, by the announcers, or by After several arguments and many people exclaiming they will continue to change it back, a Fan Name section is created, listing the names fans have given her moves.

Angels and Airwaves[edit]

More than 40 reverts in one hour by two editors. The point of contention? Whether "Angels and Airwaves" is a band or "Angels and Airwaves" are a band. (British English requires "are," as the band comprises multiple people, while American English requires "is", as the band is a singular entity.) ALL-CAPS edit summaries laced with profanity and death threats liberally employed by one side. Stopped only after admin intervention, but resumed again two minutes after the 3RR block expired. Both get blocked for seven days, and one of them gets his block extended to eight days after stating he doesn't care as long as the other side gets a block of same length. The other side keeps his seven-day block. (Feb. 2006)

Aquarela do Brasil[edit]

Not so much an edit war as an editing armed standoff. Ask yourself: should this song be declared "written one pluvious night" or "one rainy night"? Ironically, "one" night was declared superior to the previous version, "in a" night. Pluvious actually won in a voting showdown, but when it was later changed back to rainy, nobody really cared.


Heated discussion (occupying an entire talk archive) over whether the words "owner", "caregiver", or "human companion" correctly describe the relationship between man and beast.


An edit war surrounded the sentence "Theological disputes about the correct interpretation of Christian teaching led to internal conflicts and Church authorities condemned some theologians as heretics, defining orthodoxy in contrast to heresy, the most notable being Christian Gnosticism." The questionable wording was the switching of the words "orthodoxy" and "heresy". The user preferring heresy before orthodoxy claimed grammatical accuracy and no meaning change. The user preferring orthodoxy before heresy claimed it completely changed the meaning of the sentence. This discussion can be found here.

Cleo Rocos[edit]

Cleo was Kenny Everett's sidekick throughout the 1980s. But was she best known for this? Cue increasingly aggressive back and forth ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]), semi-protection amid accusations of sock puppetry, and the obligatory ANI thread. Perhaps she's now best known for edit warring.

Conch Republic[edit]

Does the Conch Republic, the name assumed by Key West when it "seceded" from the U.S. in 1982 qualify as a "micronation"? For months, an edit war has progressed over this burning question. Supporters say the name is still used in tourist promotions, while detractors say the "Republic" was a joke protest, and the "Prime Minister" surrendered one minute later. Others say micronationalism is an incredibly silly concept anyway.

Cranky Kong[edit]

Was Cranky Kong the original Donkey Kong? Could it be the character in Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games is actually his son? Or perhaps his grandson? Should we trust offhand comments made by a video-game character? Does being licensed by Nintendo make Rareware publications "official"? How official is the "Nintendo Seal of Quality"? To some people, these questions are a matter of life and death.

Every time you start a lame edit war, God orphans a baby polar bear


Is it NPOV to say the animal at right has been called "cute"? Opinions vary.

Daylight saving time[edit]

Or daylight savings time. Or Daylight Saving(s) Time. Or Daylight-Saving(s) Time. You've never heard "saving" in the singular in your entire life? Send in the dueling dictionaries. Either way, it's still dark at 7:00 AM and I'm tired.

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu[edit]

Is this comic produced by Curtis Magazines or by Marvel Comics? Should Marvel, which may or may not appear in the comic book (this can't be confirmed, for some reason) appear in the infobox, even though it already appears in the text of the article? People might not see it in the article, and will not read the article. Extensive coverage of this on the talk page.


Revert war over whether Europe is commonly considered a continent or not.

Exploding whale[edit]

Is the alliterative phrase "the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds" worthy of inclusion? Was placed on WP:RFC at one point.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

Week-long debate regarding the "Controversy/Criticism" section about whether or not Final Fantasy VIII has a "massive" fanbase or a "fanbase as large as the fanbase of Final Fantasy VII". Other wording issues were also discussed. Unfortunately, all options required that sources be cited. The article has since become a featured article.

Fred G. Sanford[edit]

Furious edit war that leads to a thread on WP:ANI and an editor proclaiming that they were leaving the project. The point of contention? Whether this fictional character from a sitcom in the mid-70s was to be described as an "irascible curmudgeon" or as merely "irritable".

Gary Glitter[edit]

Is he a pedophile famous for being a rock star, or a rock star famous for being a pedophile?

John Kerry[edit]

An edit war erupted over John Kerry's first Purple Heart award in Vietnam. Was it just a wound or a "minor wound"? Should wound itself be wikilinked? Was the injury "bandaged", or simply wrapped with "gauze"? Is Kerry's family background pertinent? The wound issue ended with the Rex071404 arbitration case and that editor being banned from editing the article for a year. One year later, the same edit war re-ignited, leading to another arbitration case and the permanent ban of said editor, who then departed Wikipedia.

Katie Couric[edit]

Is she an "entertainer" or a "journalist?" Is it necessary to mention that she "annoyingly" drops the "g" at the end of words (e.g. "morneen")?

Leck mich im Arsch[edit]

An edit war over what to call Mozart's buttocks! Should the German "Arsch" in the title of a joke composition be translated as "arse" or "ass"? See first edit war, second edit war, third edit war, 3RR report, talk page hilarity. The edit summaries that accompany these are equally as lame. Between these edits are much of the same. This looks to continue well into the future.

Limp Bizkit[edit]

Dispute over the ordering of the two terms used to describe the band. Is the group a nu metal/rapcore or rapcore/nu metal band? The edit war also threatened to spread into other related articles as well, including Fred Durst and Rapcore.

London Underground[edit]

Should the term "period" or "full stop" be used to describe a full stop (or period)? An edit war and heated discussion on the talk page broke out over this very issue.

Mama's Family[edit]

Was Mama (Vicki Lawrence) "pro-active", "foxy", "clever", "cunning", or none of the above? Apparently this question is important enough to occupy over 30 edits in one day.

Michael (album)[edit]

Is this posthumous album of Michael Jackson songs a 'compilation album' or a 'studio album'? Editors have been arguing over it for more than a year at the time of writing, with little sign of reaching a decision any time soon.


Long running, slow-burning edit war over whether Neptune's sister planet Uranus is colored cyan or aquamarine. (Dec 2010, Jul 2009)

Office 365[edit]

Is Office 365 a software as a service suite, or "subscription-based products that require periodic payments to Microsoft in order for the subscriber to use the products"? It was argued that even though Office 365 offers access to the Microsoft Office applications as a "service" to subscribers, it cannot be called a "software as a service" because the applications themselves (henceforth "products") are not dependent on a service to run, it cannot be called "software plus services" because not all of the plans incorporate access to these products, it cannot be called the previous two because the editor considered them "confusing" and "buzzwords", and because Microsoft used the term "products" on multiple occasions in reference to the, ahem, service.


Is Adam Carr Ph.D, a Historian, or does Adam Carr hold a PhD in history? In addition to 5 reverts, also spawns thread on the Administrators Noticeboard.


An admin and a user edit war over a number of album articles over the use of "second" or "sophomore". Editing gets heated and eventually results in a block and a request for arbitration.

Squall Leonhart[edit]

Is Squall a hero or a protagonist? Many reverts between "hero", "protagonist", and variant forms of each ensue as an accompanying Talkpage debate weighs the definitions, connotations, and comparisons of the respective terms relative to Squall's role in Final Fantasy VIII; other Final Fantasy articles suffer collateral damage.


The Price Is Right's "lamest" pricing game. Should it be said that it's "the only game that can be won by deciding to do absolutely nothing" or "the only game that can sometimes be won by deciding to do absolutely nothing"? After a few dozen reverts, a third opinion agreed that "sometimes" was redundant, leading the other user to remove the entire sentence claiming that it wasn't really the only game that can be won that way after all.

Tifa Lockhart[edit]

Does Tifa, a character in a computer game, have "ample breasts"? Lengthy debate over wording, whether breast size is POV, and the entire concept of mentioning something that silly.

Can a tiger take on bears and crocodiles? Animal welfare, CITES and WP:ATT should prevent editors from finding out (we hope). By the way: Is it smiling?


A revert war on whether the tiger can properly be described as the "most powerful living cat" (complete with accusations that people were "tiger fanboys") gradually led to arguments about how tigers would match up vs. bears and crocodiles, complete with another revert war about the inclusion of a YouTube video showing a tiger fighting a crocodile, eventually leading to the article being semi-protected. The debates about bears and crocodiles continue on the talk page.

United Kingdom[edit]

Should the first sentence describe it as a country or state? The final conclusion being that it should be called both and left up to the reader to work out.


Is Urban75 a "left leaning" or "liberal leaning" site? A two-month argument on this results in hundreds of reverts, userpage vandalism, sockpuppetry & two separate VfDs.