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Wikipedia:Legal vandalism

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Do you want to vandalize a page? Do you want to do it without being blocked? Well, we have thirty-two (yes, thirty-two!) pages that you can vandalize freely! You have all of these pages to vandalize freely!

How to vandalize


Now, how do you vandalize the page? Well, you can do whatever you want! Who cares about that box at the top, just don't read it![dubiousdiscuss] You can violate it without any repercussions![dubiousdiscuss] This is the sandbox! Nobody cares! Go ahead, vandalize![dubiousdiscuss] We here at Wikipedia do not care if you post libel in the sandbox, so do it![dubiousdiscuss] We do not care if you place copyright violations in the sandbox, so do it![dubiousdiscuss] We do not care if you add offensive material to the sandbox, so do it![dubiousdiscuss] The sandbox is your playground! Ensure that the vandalism appears similar to this if you really want to have fun with it:

UR ******** U ******!


Have fun, and don't join the vandal cabal!



If you are ever blocked for being disruptive in the sandbox, the admin who blocked you is wrong.[dubiousdiscuss] After all, you have done nothing wrong![dubiousdiscuss] All you did was post "fuck u, u fucking bitch” in Category:X2! If your unblock request isn't accepted (which it likely won't, because all admins are evil)[dubiousdiscuss], you have the right to create sockpuppets.[dubiousdiscuss] You may also change your IP address in order to avoid being detected by the evil [dubiousdiscuss] Checkusers, who can find your sock and enforce the will of the evil admins. Don't worry, you can even use meatpuppets!

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