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[dubious ]

Do you want to vandalize a page? Do you want to do it without being blocked? Well, we have forty-seven (yes, forty-seven!) pages that you can vandalize freely! You have all of these pages to vandalize freely!

How to vandalize[edit]

Now, how do you vandalize the page? Well, you can do whatever you want! Who cares about that box at the top, just don't read it![dubious ] You can violate it without any repercussions![dubious ] This is the sandbox! Nobody cares! Go ahead, vandalize![dubious ] We here at Wikipedia do not care if you post libel in the sandbox, so do it![dubious ] We do not care if you place copyright violations in the sandbox, so do it![dubious ] We do not care if you add offensive material to the sandbox, so do it![dubious ] The sandbox is your playground! Ensure that the vandalism appears similar to this if you really want to have fun with it:

UR ******** U ******![edit]

Have fun, and don't join the vandal cabal!


If you are ever blocked for being disruptive in the sandbox, the admin who blocked you is wrong.[dubious ] After all, you have done nothing wrong![dubious ] All you did was post "fuck u, u fucking bitch” in Category:X2! If your unblock request isn't accepted (which it likely won't, because all admins are evil)[dubious ], you have the right to create sockpuppets.[dubious ] You may also change your IP address in order to avoid being detected by the evil [dubious ] Checkusers, who can find your sock and enforce the will of the evil admins. Don't worry, you can even use meatpuppets!

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